Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Learn Some New Every Day

Today I succumbed....
Shimelle Laine's new e-course starts tomorrow and I have been trying hard to resist. I am already subscribed to Susanne Conway's 'Unravelling' starting in September, and this sounds very exciting but demanding. I already juggle with too many balls, but LSNED was so hard to resist. The deciding factor?
This morning I heard a lovely story about someone who really wanted to join up but was unsure because of the money and other commitments. She even went as far as registering, but stopped before she pressed the send button. Then she had an email from Shimelle welcoming her on the course. The woman let Shimelle know there must be a mistake - and learned that someone had bought the course for her knowing how much she wanted to take part. The person wanted to remain annonymous and I felt so touched that someone would do this for another. The woman concerned was extremely grateful and plans to pay it foreward one day when an opportunity arises.
I have met some wonderful people on my previous e-courses and my world has become bigger and better for the experience. And so, I decided I will not miss out.
It all kicks off tomorrow and I am wondering how I will approach this project. Some people are making albums, others blogging, or scrapbooking. I need to keep it small and as much as I'd love to experiment with journal pages or wonderful new techniques in a handmade album I know this would mean it will be overwelming and unfinished. So for now I am thoughtful, and I'll let you know once I decide.
Meanwhile, anyone interested in Shimelle's course which runs through September should check out her blog for details. Her other courses are well worth considering too, and once you subscribe you can join in on future occasions as part of the deal!
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