Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oyay! Oyay!

If I were a town crier I'd be ringing my bell loud and clear!  Because you see, my blog will be one year old on Monday 20th June.

And I am organising a  
to celebrate.  

This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who has been part of my journey.  I have some amazing participants lined up, a surprise or two, and am I excited ?  Yes I am!  I hope you will make a note of the date and join us for some fun!
Thank you to Robert Needham, Town Crier for Colchester, Essex for permission to use this photo. 

I'm also celebrating progress in other areas too.  In my last post I named 10 things I wanted to achieve in the coming weeks.  I have ticked off Project 365 and these photos are now sorted and downloaded onto my Flickr site.  Yay!!

Thank you to anyone who left a comment on my post.  I was truely grateful and encouraged and have visited each of you to thank you personally.  But the Google Gremlins were about... grrrrr!  After writing a comment I would be signed out..... I would sign back in and repreat the process only to be met with the same problem.  I can't tell you how much time was wasted and it got so bad that I actually gave up.  And I don't give up easily!  But I did get to see what other people listed as their 10 things and loved the ideas and the sharing.  And I also found out something pretty special, but more about that next time.... 

Another of my intentions was to start a art journal.  I love using all kinds of media so this seemed a good place to experiment and work on pieces that are small enough to complete.  There's no point in starting yet another project that remains unfinished!  And so I bought this book.  There are no techniques or instructions, just 1000 images of completed work.  But a great souce of inspiration which will naturally flow into my other creative areas.

By the way,  has anyone else had Google sign in problems or is it just me? 
Enjoy your week, what ever you are doing.
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