Wednesday, 11 November 2015

TREE FOLLOWING - November 2015

Last month when I went to take photos of the two trees that I am following I had a surprise, because they showed little sign of seasonal change.  Other trees nearby had autumnal leaves and some had started to drop.

And just four weeks later there is a noticeable difference. From this:


To this:

Some of the leaves are on the ground

This one I bought home.  I loved the colour and plan to wax it. Others I collected to use for printing.

 At the foot of the trunk the violets are getting bigger.  A couple more months and they will be in flower.  I still remember how they made me smile during the cold winter months.

And looking up you can see the seed pods.  There was none on the ground, it looks like they may be there to stay for a bit longer.

 Then I walked down to THE OAK.

Last month this tree also had green leaves.

 What a difference this time

Though the leaves I found were lovely colours.  I bought some of these home for printing too.

The only thing that looked fresh and green was this moss, growing on the trunk.

Next month will complete my one year Tree Following.  I don't think I will continue after that although I will often visit the trees as I have enjoyed watching the seasonal change. Maybe it is time to do something different... do you have any good ideas? 
Do I have any posts that you enjoyed and would like to see more of?
And I don't mean within the last few weeks, I mean all posts. Do any stick in your mind? Do you have any favourites?  I'd love you to tell me!
My 30 Day Blogging Challenge is nearing its end and I will be looking back on what I have learned, liked, and want to change.
Thanks for popping by today, it's great to have your company.
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