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5 in 5 - July 2019 - Goal Mapping

Welcome to '5 in 5' where on the 5th of 
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Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Goal Mapping training in London, run by Andy Coley.  I like mind maps and these are used by many people including me, and I wondered what the difference would be. 

Goal Mapping was created by Brian Mayne, and so I did some research before I went. There are free printouts online to download, and good instructions. 

The idea behind Goal Mapping is that you use the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  The logical and the creative.  So it is important to have the maps the right way round when you use them, and follow the sequence that helps to create a flow.  

Starting on the left page you write the words that describe your main goal in the centre box, and then 4 smaller goals that are part of this.  I won't go into the whole process here, but after completing each section one at a time, you then switch to the right hand page and draw images or symbols that correspond, and represent your words. You use colour, creativity, draw outside the box and be playful!  Because that's how your mind works best, and whether you are a logical or creative thinker (and we are all both to different degrees) this process works well.

Not confident drawing? Then use magazine images instead.  I always have a pile of pictures and words cut out in readiness for collage and journaling, but just grab yourself a magazine and thumb through.  You'll be amazed at what catches your attention, but don't get too distracted!  And it doesn't have to be images, it can be patterns, design, colour, what ever connects with you and represents a meaning. The important thing is that it has relevance to YOU.

At the training Andy guided us through creating our own Goal Map and I learnt that it is important to be really succinct. To  find the core, and to use affirmations as though you have already achieved your goal.  This is to instruct your mind, so by saying 'I like a healthy life' in the present tense you create action and response.  By saying 'I will live a healthy life' is future based. Your mind is less likely to pick up on this as it needs clear instructions.

I found the training really helpful and Goal Mapping is certainly something I will embrace in future. I have bought Brian Mayne's book of the same title, which goes into the process in more detail, and as mentioned there are also good resources online.  

After the training I had a 1-1 session with Andy Coley and it was a different kind of experience for me, and really interesting. Using Zoom, I was grateful for Andy's IT skills because he was able to guide me so that I could open an online Goal Map and give him access to my computer screen.  By doing this we were able to create an online Goal Map and this this enabled me to experience a different approach while giving more practice in getting to the essence.  And that is the main difference in mind maps and goal mapping, for me.  Mind maps are brilliant for getting ideas and thoughts onto paper, but often I am overwhelmed because they get so big and sometimes messy. But I will carry on doing this because getting into flow and loosing yourself in the process can be creative and give ideas that you might not otherwise think of.  But when it comes to bringing all this together to create a plan or way forward, Goal Mapping is certainly a helpful tool.  It enables you to think of the WHY which is so important, and I'm really grateful for the opportunity to work with Andy.  

You can find out more about Goal Mapping on line, and a big thank you to Andy Coley who is my mentor and an inspiration.

As always, I invite you to join in this 5in5 monthly challenge and I hope some of you will do that. Trying a new way of doing things can spark new ideas and add interest, so here's how it works: 

1.  Choose a location.
2.  Have your camera ready.
3.  Set a mobile timer for 5 minutes.
4.  Take as many photos you can until the time is up.
5.  Choose 5 photos to download and share by using the link tool 

You have until the 25th of the month to add your photos and if you want to know more about 5in5 there are details here.

And one more thing - when you use the link tool, please click on your post title.  This will show the web address. Please right click, copy and paste this as your link.  This will take readers directly to your '5 in 5' blog page and be easier for them to find.

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