Saturday, 4 June 2011


Five things you know won't be around in five year's time, Sian said. Actually it was Amy who said it first, and I grabbed my camera.  Because I have lots of things that I hope will be long gone by then.

Take this sofa. It is lovely & comfy, the perfect place to snuggle up with a glass of wine & a good book or film. But the arms are worn and cost of recovering it is almost the same as replacement. So out it will go.

And this Laura Ashley vintage dress. Alas, it is too small for me now and it has hung in my wardrobe far too long. It is earmarked for Ebay, along with a leather reclining armchair and a heap of once read books.

Not so much a 'thing' this time but a whole room restoration. It's work in progress and I want this block work and the mess gone. We are changing everything around in the utility room, so it has caused immense upheaval and lots of plumbing work......


..... and the kitchen units being removed to access drains. So the units are currently in the living room and their contents are piled on work surfaces and in boxes on the floor.

And finally my shelves of stash. These have currently taken over the dining room-turned craft room. But it doesn't work. There are too many fixtures such as the fireplace and bookshelves that line an entire wall.  The room just does not feel right as a creative space, and so they need to go.  Not literally. Just to a new place where I can finally feel settled. I have tried the spare bedroom, that didn't work either.  And so I am on the move again.  And I am definately not waiting 5 years for it to happen!

                      I wonder what five things you would like to see changed or gone by 5 years?
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