Tuesday, 24 August 2010

In a Pickle....

No squash in this pickle, but I found a wonderful way of using other vegetables from the allotment. I have always been wary of making Piccalilli as I was never sure if the sauce would be as good as the Barton brand we love. However, I decided to give it a try and made my own adaptions after looking through recipies. Delia Smith can take credit for the sauce recipe, but I added green tomatos since we have so many as well as cucumber. runner beans, and onion from the allotment. I just had to buy a cauliflower as it wouldn't seem like Picalilli without. Result - lovely crunchy vegetables and the most delicious sauce imaginable! I may not be buying Bartons in future!
I also made some pickled beetroot and onion and cucumber pickles. I just love the chopping and preparation, so soothing and satisfying. And at the end of the day, with my jars lined up, I get a warm glow of pleasure.
By the way, I found a useful way of pouring thick pickle into jars. I thoroughly washed an empty 1 litre plastic milk carton, and cut off the base. I filled it with the pickle (lid on!) and the heat of the pickle made it pliable, so I could easily pour into the jar with very little mess. This worked much better than a funnel or anything I have tried before, so I thought I would share this idea.
I should wait for 3 months before trying the Picalilli, but I think this might be too long! At least it will be ready for Christmas and I may make more jars as gifts.
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