Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Creative Colour Swap!

I took part in Louise Gale's Creative Colour Challenge and was partnered with Sally who lives in Madrid.  I received the most beautiful gift...... a handmade felt broach and hair clip - just my colours and style! 
Oh... and a beautiful hand written note.  Perfect!!   Thank you Sally, I was so lucky to have you as my partner!

I had great deliberations over what to make Sally and abandoned my first effort when I discovered it could take all Summer to complete!  So I made a felt needle case.  I loved making it and little did I know that this was something that Sally needed.  What's more, it arrived on her birthday, how perfect!  I would have enclosed a birthday card had I known but warm email wishes were sent.

I loved taking part and the excitement of giving and receiving a gift.  Thank you Louise for coming up with this wonderful idea. 

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