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In January I introduced two trees that grow locally and spoke about how I am following them during the year. If you read my previous posts you will know that I am behind schedule and making attempt to catch up. So before I post this months photos I am going to quickly add JUNE!! I can then have the satisfaction of being back up to date.


The ivy continues to reach up. I thought the bark patterns would mark it's growth but I'm finding it harder than I expected. I am wishing I had measured it. 

The violets continue to rest after their months of flowering.

The branches overhead fight for space among the trees that grow either side.

And I notice small prickly seeds growing, they hang like dangly earrings.

THE OAK.....

I thought these leaves would have dropped now....  but no they still hold on.

This visit there was a new surprise... a cob web glistening in the sunshine.  This spider won't go hungry!

 The field crop is growing well....   

 And despite the ripped branches, there is new growth.

And overhead quite a canopy is forming....

Summer looks like it might be on its way......

This project developed from an idea started by Loose and Leafy.  Do pop over if you want to find out more, or join in. 


In January I introduced two trees that grow locally and spoke about how I am following them during the year. If you read my previous post you will know that I am behind schedule and making attempt to catch up. Photos were taken even if not posted and so here is May! 

The trees each side are already heavy in leaf, shading out the Plane and making it struggle for space.  But the buds have started to open and there is finally a show of green.

There are no violets in flower this month. The ones on the grass have been mowed, and those in the base of the trunk are taking a rest.
I wonder if there is a resident wood pecker?  

The ivy is growing up the trunk, gaining its foothold. It has been cut round the other side.  I wonder if the landowner will do the same here one day...

The trunk is also home to resident spiders. 

THE OAK.....

I was so happy to see the tree's new growth.  This oak spreads its leaves ground level as well as well as at the top.  

And still it holds on to those last-years leaves! 
I notice the growth of the field crop too.
I have never noticed that oak trees flower, these tiny clusters festooned the branches making it look decorated. Take a look:  

Another month passes... and it is good I am finally catching up! 



In January I introduced two trees that grow locally and spoke about how I am following them during the year. I can't believe that it is now 1st July and I last posted in March!  This is not because I lost interest in the project, but my trip to the Shetland Islands meant I have got behind and since my return another commitment has taken my time. But here I am finally, in an attempt to catch up.....  

April bought half term and two of my grand daughters came to stay.  I loved showing them my trees and telling them about my project.
You can still see the violets growing in the grass around the base of the tree, I'm wondering how far up the trunk the ivy will reach this year.

The violets are still around the base too.... they are such hardy little plants.

And they looked specially beautiful in the dew-covered grass.

This seed pod looked like a tiny hedgehog curled up.

It was good to see  buds finally appearing.

THE OAK.....

This tree still hangs on to last years leaves, but there is sign of new growth in the field.

But not to be outdone, the oak has buds too.  It continues to hold its own....

And while I admire the stature and position of the London Plane, this oak holds a special place in my heart.  My granddaughters decided it was their favourite too because it was great for climbing!


It was lovely to see the healthy buds.  I wonder what next month will bring?  


This weekend I persuaded my sister to come away in the camper overnight.  She is a more home-comfort girl and has always said it wouldn't be her thing.  But she came and survived the night. I think she would come again but the test will be when I next invite her. I hope she does... 

We went to one of our local islands and I didn't waste time in getting her into a boat for a short trip out onto the water.  This photo shows the Packing Shed, it is on its own small island and was once used by local fisherman for packing oysters. This area is renowned for oysters and I am planning a visit to the Packing Shed soon. On special open days they do cream teas, it is in my diary!

Then we walked along the shore where there is a miss-match of
houseboats. This one has been extended both sides, I'd love to be nosey and go aboard to see what they are like inside!

Back at the campsite we walked along the beach. Fossils have been found along this stretch, including hippos and other large relics. Sadly no finds for us, but lots of lovely oyster shells which are like pearl inside. 


There is a lovely fen area that borders the beach where you see heron and egrets.  It is very peaceful and quiet. The perfect get away. 

A few weeks back we spent another weekend on this island. They have a number of resident artists and they had open studios. It was wonderful and I felt completely inspired and exhilarated going from house to house.

But that is a post in itself and one I plan to do soon. 

And like all good things, everything comes to an end.  As we drove home I stopped at a local river to show my sister another of my favourite places.  You may have seen my photos of this spot before with its resident swans.  

Only this time when I zoomed in, I spotted a black swan amongst them.  I've not seen this one before and wonder if it is visiting or here to stay.  Black swans originate from Australia and it seemed coincidence that my friend Melanie is currently here too on a visit from her now Australia homeland. 

Joining in with Helena's  'Pairs' and liking the fact that Helena has resident swans near where she lives too.  Do pop over and see what others have shared this week, there are often wonderful surprises and ideas.  Thanks for looking in....
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