Thursday, 5 January 2012


It is so good to be able to spread out now, in my new workspace.  One table is full of paper and everything that goes along with crafting ..... you know the type of thing, cutting machines, assortment of glue,  ribbons and embellishments.  I also have various bags and disorganised piles of work in progress.  Including a JYC album that has pages and front cover but no content, Halloween mini albums, and various others. 
Would you agree that I am somewhat behind?

The sewing machine was set up because this time I had a deadline.
Can you guess what I was making?  Or perhaps you'd like a peek?

And there is more peeking at Julia's where you can see more What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and thank you for visiting.

Monthly Make - January

Well my year has got off to a good start and I can't believe it is the 5th and I have already made my Monthly Make!

This is because of a promise rather than planning, but you know how it is when you offer to do something for a friend months in advance.

Jill thought a desk tidy would be a perfect present for her friend who does patchwork.  So I offered to make one for Jill  to give her.  Christmas came and went and now her birthday is also looming.  My last chance not to disappoint!

I wasn't in the mood for machining but made my mind up to get started.  I hope Jill will be pleased with it, and that Wendy finds it useful.  And me?  I am over the moon that I got it done and can add this to Monthly Make!! To find out more about Monthly Makes go over to The Felt Fairy here.

This photo is also part of my Project 365+1.  This is my third consequetive year, and when I can I will use word prompts suggested by Suzie over at 365 photos.  The word for today is 'excitement' and that's what I feel now I have completed this desk tidy !
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