Sunday, 23 March 2014


In 2012 I visited a local Book Art Fair and I was blown away by what I saw.  What's more, I was so excited when I was invited to have a stand at their next event!  After sending examples of my work I was accepted and then it was weeks of preparation.  I had so many ideas and this was my golden opportunity to show what I do.....  this has been a long time dream. 

I met inspiring book artists and loved our shared passion for creating with paper.  This took many forms from tiny bears sewn together out of pages from a book, and amazing dimensional landscapes covered with beautiful lines of handwriting.  I could have admired for hours.  If you want a glimpse of some of the work it is shown on the Artbookart Facebook page a long with some of my own. 

I was so pleased when my friend Pauline said she would come for the day to help me, I am always glad of her company.  Other friends came during the day too and I finally got to meet Patricia.  We met through my 5in5 neme and have enjoyed getting to know each other through blogging.  We share other interests too (such as VW campers and a like for walking) and although we live nearby this was our first time of meeting - but certainly not our last.  I loved Patricia's enthusiasm and excitement for the books she saw and she left the Fair with ideas, a shopping list and she headed straight to a craft shop!

And family came too.  My grand daughters nearly burst with excitement seeing my work displayed, especially as some of the books have been made for them which I borrowed for the occasion.  They were so proud when visitors stopped to look and ask questions.  And they were excited again when they each made a tiny book and asked if they could add it to my stand.  I added a 50p price tag and their faces was an absolute picture when someone bought the books. What a wonderful boost to their confidence...  I may face competition next time!

Anyway, enough words.  Lets have some pictures and a snapshot of my day: 

'Launching' myself meant I had to find ways of telling people what I do.  After lots of thought I made bunting and leaflets that folded into a small book.  I also made lots of tiny books for people to sew and decorate, to take away.  This was enjoyed by adults and children and one man wrote on every page about how much he liked my stand and making the book.  He gave it to me to keep and I will...
Below you can see people busy making mini books on the side table.  And do pause to admire the work on the stand next to mine.  The shoes and doll are all made out of pages from books.  This is work by Karen Apps and it is amazing.

More of my work below. 
I will post about individual books and how I have made them another time. 
I am planning to run local classes where people can learn how to make their own book.  If you are interested do let me know so I can keep you informed.   

 As well as making books from scratch I also love upcycling.  I recently found this copy with beautiful illustrated pages and I hoped to finish the book in time to display. But I didn't want to rush it.... making books is a joy and I love to loose myself in this.  But there are only so many books I can keep for my personal use and so I planned to sell this book when finished.  It is one of those books that I would gladly keep, but it's label 'waiting for someone to love me' spoke to my friend Sue.  And though it would be nice to keep the book, I know it is going to be well looked after and appreciated.

 My books take many form and sometimes simple is good too. 
The little notebooks below were very popular at Christmas. They sold out first day in a gallery and I had to make more.  The idea is to write down 3 or 5 things each day that you are grateful for.  It is too easy to get caught up in the pressures of life and not to take time to smell the roses.  And right now I am counting my blessings and excited about what comes next.  

I realise I have been neglecting my blog a bit lately but it is not because I have lost interest.  No!  My one word for 2014 is CREATE and that is what I have been doing.  Lots of books made, ideas forming, and here I spoke about how I want to create space in my home because that too has been neglected.  Well, I have been busy in all these areas and making huge progress!  My head is popping with ideas of blog posts and I plan to create time to organise myself so that I do this more.  So, thank you for popping by - and watch this space!

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