Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Good Intentions

This morning I came across 'A little garland for my word 2011' which I thought was a lovely idea.
And so my worktop this Wednesday has been covered with my Big Shot, papers, and garland making. My word for 2011 is INTUITION. And here is the garland I made.

It sits behind my computer and will act as a reminder to slow down and think about less being more. And as today was a non-work day I could do this. Which was good, as my energy is low.

Another word I liked today was INTENTION. Louise spoke about this in Big Dreams, Small Wonders.

I have several intentions this year. One is to improve my fitness, and so on this lovely sunny crisp day, I set off for a walk along the river.


With my camera

and my shadow.

It was wonderful! And I was amazed at the length of my shadow.

Another intention is to use Photoshop Elements more, and to become more confident using this software. And so I took a couple of photos with this in mind. One photo of a hedgerow will be converted to black & white and I plan to pick out the red berries in colour. When I have time to learn how! Luckily I have some good books and hopefully there will be instructions.....

I finally managed to download the last of my PROJECT 365 photos into the album before the year was out. It is here if you would like to view. It was very satisfying and I am reflective about what I might do differently this year. One thing will be to have more focus and to challenge myself so that I am outside my comfort zone. That's when I can learn most. And so I might include some photos with effects. Using Photoshop Elements. A final intention is to make a short video of some of my favourite Project 365 photos taken during 2010.

What are your intentions for this year?

Did you choose a word for 2011? There is more about the word I chose here .

Please leave a link for your own photography projects.

And have fun what ever you do!!
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