Sunday, 24 June 2012


We have just returned from a weekend in our campervan.  It was our first VW Show and despite the threat of black clouds and rainy forecast the sun did shine and I did not need my wellies and waterproofs. However, true to form, the wind raged and we fought to put up the awning, but at least the rain held off for us this time.  We are getting quite expert at putting up the awning in extreme weather conditions, I think our resolve is being tested.  But we are not easily put off.  And I needed this break, as I was feeling exhausted and felt like this camper looked....

Shows like this are held around the country most weekends for VW owners and enthusiasts. It was a chance to see what other people have done to their campers and to meet like minded people.  And I didn't expect to see so much creativity so while my 2 men admired at engines and bodywork, I looked at decor, design and enjoyed lots of photo opportunities.

But one of the first things I saw that I liked was a suitcase for sale, with one of my favourite quotes written on it.  Since I am trying to declutter and make space I resisted buying it, but next day I got to know the artist who had made this case into something special.  And I learned that at school he was dyslexic and always felt a failure.  He left school without qualifications and 3 years ago he started to draw... the one thing he loved to do at school.  And he has not stopped drawing since, because other people love his art and they want him to put it onto the bodywork of their campers and cars:

I loved how this personalised a vehicle and gave it character, but what I asked for was a cartoon of our camper on paper so that I can frame it, and by now I had felt a real connection with this artist and I wanted that suitcase!  And so I went over to pick it up from his campervan. And guess what?  I discovered he owned the very one that I had fallen in love with that weekend.  Inside it resembles a gypsy caravan or a narrowboat on wheels, a thing of beauty and character.  Every inch inside decorated, and he seemed pleased when I told him how much I admired it.  He invited me to sit inside, he lit candles, and shut the door so I could enjoy the atmosphere.  I could have curled up and read a book... or two, it was such a special space. 

But all good things come to an end, and a few minutes later he opened the door with my suitcase in hand.  And here it is.  Don't you love it too?

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