Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Day in Photos



A Day in Photos, at the Eden Project, Cornwall.
23rd April, 2011

This is part of Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers - Day 6
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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


If you have visitied my blog recently you will know that I am doing another online course.  Day one of Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers inspired me to look at Google Reader and I spent hours yesterday, and I mean hours, visiting blogs and thinking about my own.  I have a list of blogs I follow and yesterday I also set up Google Analyitcs so that I can find out more about who visits my site. Of course, this may be your first time of visiting, and if so, a big warm welcome!!  I hope you like what you see and that you will have time to brieflly browse... on even linger.  

And I guess what I would really like is to know is what draws visitors to my blog and makes them want to return.  Some of my fellow class members have done a poll and I thought about this.  I even started to design one.  Then I decided to leave that for another day and to ask some questions.  And what I would LOVE is for you to leave a comment as I am using this course to reflect and think about what I might add to my blog or change.  After all, the main reason I started my blog was to increase my contact with creative and like minded people, and your views are really important. 

So....  some of the things I'd like to know:

What draws you to a blog?
Is there anything about my blog you especially like?
Would you like more tutorials and links to other sites?
Do you like regular features such as WOYWW and Storytelling Sundays?
What could I do to make my blog better?
I am thoughtful about redesigning my blog page, what would make it more user friendly?  Should I have a sidebar?

Please don't run away at this point!!! I don't expect you to answer all the questions!  Just one or two would be absolutely great.  Every comment will help me to make the most of this course and to be a better blogger.  At least that is the plan!

Thank you for visiting and if I've not already introduced yourself please say hello.  And I hope you will come again....
One last thing, you may be interested in this:


I was excited to hear about this one day celebration of National Scrapbook Day organised by Big Picture Classes and what's more, it's FREE!  There will be 12 hours of creative challenges, live chat, giveaways, and lots of inspiration and interaction.  What fun!!  I don't know if you have checked out their classes before, but there is a good range on offer including some freebies.  It's worth a browse.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Take a breath....

In my last post I spoke about Shimelle's course 'Blogging for Scrapbookers'.  I knew from the outset that it was bad timing for me, and that there would be too much else going on in my life. So I am not surprised at my lack of postings and course commitment.  But just to show it is not lack of enthusiasm and motivation I have signed up for Shimelle's next and brand new course: Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers.  This course takes blogging a step further and once again, as much as I would love to indulge myself, I know that time will not allow me to throw myself into the course or to blog regularly at this time.  Can you hear my sigh of resignation?

In my fantasy I would wake up each morning to a new prompt, read it slowly over a cup of coffee, and then take time to think about.  I'd write regular and interesting posts and have time to lesuirely browse other blogs and chat on the forum. 
In my fantasy....

In reality 'life' continues to happen.  I have taken time off work to care for my Mum who has just has a full replacement hip operation.  And have I missed the internet while away from home?  You bet I have!  It would have been a good opportunity to spend time doing the course, but it wasn't to be.  I have popped home and grabbed this opportunity to catch up on what I have been missing.

While looking after my Mum I did sneak out for one day.  I'd been looking forward to going to Alexander Palace and was far from dissapointed.  Specially when I discovered Donna Dowley was there.  I have a hankering for making a journal, getting messy with paint and 'stuff'.  I loved this 'make and take' that Donna prepared, and some of her journals were on display.  I could have browsed and stroked them all day.... but that would have looked a bit strange so I dragged myself away eventually and looked at the other stands and displays.  I challeneged myself not to buy even one sheet of scrapbook paper - and guess what?!  I didn't!!  Not one sheet!  Can you imagine the temptation!  But I have indulged myself considerably of late and a beautiful pad from TK Max was the final straw.  I had made up my mind to resist all temptation and weakened.  The papers are lovely though!!  

One of my biggest spends at Alexander Palace was some wonderful shaped albums made out of MDF.  I won't tell you how many I have collected over time, all waiting to be decorated.
Other recent ones are word albums I bought on eBay, one for each of my granddaughters. 

One day I will get round to decorating them.

One day.....  

And I have also resolved not to buy any more blank shape albums until I do.

But now it is time to cook dinner and afterwards I plan to watch 'So you think you can dance' on TV.  Last series had me spellbound by the sheer talent and choreography.  I've also got a good DVD to watch.  If you like romantic I recommend 'Dear John'.   That's my evening mapped out.............
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