Tuesday, 17 March 2015


This is my 5th year of Project 365 and rather than have my photos sit on my computer I have decided to share them here weekly.

Welcome to week 10. How fast the days are passing, we are already one fifth into the year! 

Day 64: Our monthly VW meet with fellow enthusiasts. New friends made, new groups discovered, and a nice meal to round off the evening.

Day 65: Spring was in the air.  Lots of washing on the line, cupboards emptied, cleaned and reorganised.  So much achieved! 
Why can't every day be like this?!

 Day 66: A trip to Kent for a craft workshop.  I am so glad I no longer have this daily commute!

Day 67:  The book that I made at the workshop yesterday run by Neil Walker. I have written about it in more detail here.

Day 68: An evening with friends and creative play. 

Day 69: The grass gets its first cut and roll.

Day 70:  My main computer keeps crashing and I am having to use my laptop instead.  The keys are different. I keep making typos.  It is frustrating!! 

I am late posting this week so more 'A year in Photos' will follow very soon! Thanks for popping by....
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