Monday, 7 May 2012

Island of Sark

Have you ever heard about a place and immediately been drawn to it... posted it at the back of your mind, thinking you will visit one day, given half the chance?  Well, for me that was the island of Sark.  Years ago I saw it on a TV programme and last week I finally got there.  Oh, the excitement!  And it was made more because my visit was unplanned and a birthday treat from a special friend. 

We reached the island by ferry from Guernsey and was greeted by the tractor which offers rides up the steep hill into the ‘village’. 

I say village with a smile because the island has two banks and a small row of shops.  There are no cars or street lights, something which has earned the island the first ‘Dark Sky’ in the world.  Just 2.10 square miles in size it has a population of 600 but enough of the detail...... I was keen to explore and especially to see La Coupee, a narrow path that links Great and Little Sark.  

Jill & I decided to take a horse drawn carriage so that we could see as much of the island as possible during our day visit.  And so we climbed on board and set off down the narrow lanes.  

We learnt that the doctor uses a tractor to get around the island and that the ambulance is a make shift caravan towed behind. We were told it is not a comfortable ride!

Tractors are also used by the local post office and we saw lots of parcels from Amazon in its trailer, at least Sark is keeping up with technology!  And after a while George (our horse) had a rest while others in our carriage went for a coffee.  Me?  I followed the path to the cliff top for some stunning views and photos.

And then on again to La Coupee, the highlight of my visit .  Until around 1900 children crossing to go to school would have to crawl on their hands and knees so that they weren't blown over the edge.  
Luckily there is a handrail now, and the views are spectaular.  I was far from disappointed!

After our carriage ride we explored on foot and we found a local cottage that served cream teas in the garden.  My idea of heaven and just look at my heart shaped scone!


The island is as wonderful as I had always imaged and I hope to return one day and stay longer. But for now I have many photos and happy memories. What more can I ask for?

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