Saturday, 11 October 2014

5 in 5 - October 2014 - MELANIE

Melanie is my friend who lives in Australia and she loves photography. Every month Melanie has taken part in this monthly neme and we managed to find a way round her not having a blog by posting here. I love that we have found a way for her to take part so once again Melanie, a big thank you, and over to you:
The month of October has begun and another 5 in 5 shot to be taken.  It is a long weekend over here and days of being lazy and enjoying the sunshine.  Our temperatures have risen and this past week we have enjoyed temperatures in the high twenties and low thirties.  The garden is full of colour and it was an easy option for me to walk around the garden with my camera.  Top left are marigolds.  Our garden front and back has areas which are a sea of marigolds as they self-seed and I let them go where they like.  They are in the veg plot, in the herb garden and in the front flower garden.  Bottom left is a shot of lilies.  The lilies are next to our fish pond and in a bog area near the pond, heaps of flowers and such a stunning look of white against green.  In the middle is a shot in our bottle brush tree.  This tree at the moment is covered in the scarlet red brushes that the tree gets its name from. Top right is a shot of the blossom on our dwarf orange tree.  This tree is in a pot by the back door and the scent fills the air by this door.  The final photo is of flowers on our bird of paradise, a front garden flower which looks its best at this time of year.

The UK is beginning to see shorter daylight hours and there is a nip in the air which also means the trees are beginning to turn.  As much as I lover this time of year for its autumnal colours and offerings of fruit and harvest, these beautiful flowers Melanie has shared and the idea of sunshine and warmer weather is appealing.  That said, this time of year also invites me to light my log burner and there's nothing I like more than the smell of wood smoke and snuggling indoors with a good film or book.  I guess all seasons have their appeal and it is important we appreciate them so I hope you find something to enjoy, whatever the season where you are.  And this reminds me that I took some beautiful photos of spider webs last week, with this months '5 in 5' in mind.  I chose other photos in the end but I may just have to come back with another post for this months challenge!  And if you'd like to get out your camera and share some of your photos that would be truly wonderful!! 

If this has inspired you to take part in this challenge you have until 25th before the link closes. It's great fun and this post should answer any questions or give other information that you need.

Thank you to everyone else who has joined in or left comments. Links for this months posts are here and hopefully I'll be back with more photos from Melanie and myself next month. I hope you will join me!
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