Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW - Silhouette Cameo

This post is part of a weekly sharing of what is on your workspace.  Only this time it is not MY workspace but a good friends. You see
I have ordered a Silhouette Cameo machine and it is on it's way from the States.  Meanwhile, my friend told me she had one still in it's box unopened so she invited me over to experiment.  We both have die cutting machines already, but found ourselves frustrated and disillusioned to the point that they sit unused. 
A bit of moral support was much needed! 
Though tinged with apprehension I was also feeling excited, because I know two people who recently bought Silhouette Cameo's. They speak highly of the machine and I have seen what they produced.  They did not talk about frustration... or wanting to throw the machine out of the window, so I turned up at my friend's with hope and enthusiasm. 
After lots of chat and coffee, we started to unwrap the box.  Can you believe this machine has sat in it's wrapping since 11.11.11!
But I understand why....  after a bad experience it can feel daunting to start over with a new machine. So it was good to have someone to do this with.  

Our first attempt was unsuccessful.
So we experimented with depth of blade and thickness of cardstock, and it wasn't too long before we had a result to be proud of!   

With confidence growing we decided to experiment with 'print and cut'.  We used one of the images that comes with the machine and  downloaded a YouTube video to guide us. Our second attempt had us happy dancing, and by now our confidence was soaring... 

So we decided to use a digikit and an imagine copied from Google Images. I didn't take photos of these, but I will be using them in projects over the next day or two, so I will post these next time.
  Now I really can't wait for my machine to arrive! 
I have started a new album on Pinterest for the Silhouette Cameo and no doubt my workspace will be busy over the coming weeks trying out new ideas and starting new projects.  And my friend and I will certainly be meeting up again to share ideas and learning.  Do you have a Cameo?  I'd love to hear any tips or ways you use your machine. 

And over at Julia's you can find out what other people have on their workspace today.
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