Thursday, 10 December 2015

TREE FOLLOWING - December 2015

Another month has passed and it is time for my final Tree Following post this year:


The leaves have now all fallen,

and just seeds dangle like Christmas baubles.

The ivy has had a growth spurt. Popular at Christmas time, I wonder if it feels invigorated.

Looking down there is more signs of life with fungi nestled around the base....

violets spreading ....

and first signs of flowers peeping through. 

What a wonderful way to end my year of visiting this tree.


This tree has just a few leave left hanging.

And buds. Lots of them....

There's not much sign of new life around the roots of this tree.  Though you never know, some of the acorns that fell may find some where to root themselves and grow. I hope so.

During these dull winter days the oak might not have violets to add a splash of colour but it does have lichen.   Bright green  with tiny mustard coloured cups.  It hugs these old gnarled branches and adds character and appeal. 
And so my year ends.

12 visits and 12 posts. More photos and memories than I have shared here. 
This started as a photography project that I hoped would motivate me to be more active and walk more; to take pleasure in simple things and be more observant. I achieved that. And I enjoyed the unexpected too, such as:

Discovering wild violets grow during the cold winter months. I never knew that!

Being invited inside an old property that is undergoing major redevelopment. I learned this centuries old building was originally built using old beams from barns and that during the war a bomb fell in the field causing structural damage to the roof. If this building could talk it would have many stories and I love that someone else appreciates old buildings because rather than knock it down when it's timbers became tired and it had stood empty for a couple of years they have beautifully restored the building and given it new life. I have enjoyed watching this.

I discovered that alpaca's live in a nearby field. The leaves on the trees provide cover and they are not easily seen, but walking pass rather than driving allowed glimpses through the branches during winter. I saw them again yesterday and it bought a smile.

I enjoyed seeing the project through and wondering each month what changes I might see. At the moment I am not sure if I will continue this project into a second year. I need time for reflection. But what ever happens I will continue my walks and visits to the London Plane and the Old Oak, because I have grown fond of these two trees.
If I could decorate these them they would be sparkling with fairy lights and tinsel in way of celebration! Thank you to everyone who has followed with me. 
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