Friday, 27 December 2013


It was a different kind of celebration for us this year.  To start, we were on our own and I don't remember a time when it has just been the two of us. But that was okay as an opportunity to play it down was welcome after living in the fast line for so long and with the run up to Christmas added. I didn't even get round to putting up decorations this year. It felt a bit bah-humbug but we were not expecting visitors and as I have so much around the house I want to achieve I decided the time spent putting decorations up and down could be put to better use.

So holding true to my plan for Christmas day I had a shower and put on my new fluffy fleece robe and slippers.  And I did little else except open presents, relax, and cook dinner for two. We had decided on an alternative to turkey and I chose a recipe from my new Jamie Oliver cookbook 'Save with Jamie'. We love roast pork with it's crisp crackling, and this recipe was a new take on a favourite. It didn't disappoint.

I also indulged in another favourite pastime, relaxing in front of the TV and catching up with films and favourite programmes.  Kirsty's Crafty Christmas was one that I watched and I loved the pom-pom maker that she demonstrated. Sadly I have been online and everywhere is sold out.  That's not surprising but I have made a note to remind myself to look again in a week or so. Obviously other people liked the look of these too!

While watching TV I suddenly heard a robin. He was sitting right outside the window and a big smile crossed my face.  My Dad always joked that he would come back as a robin and at his funeral one of these beautiful birds made its presence very known as we climbed back into the cars, ready to leave. We had already made our visit to the cemetery with wreaths and memories but this robin was another warm reminder of those who are not here to share this festive time.

Boxing Day was also a favourite kind of day, surrounded by family. Summer received the karaoke machine she hoped for and spent much of the time singing. I am always amazed that she knows the words to so many songs, and her just-three year old sister is fast in her shoes.
We were highly entertained and kept amused.

In the run up to Christmas we spent a wonderful day at a local RHS garden. They had arranged a barn full of craft activities for children as well as story telling and meeting Father Christmas. Now this was the most wonderful experience of all, and a moment I will always treasure. And so I was devastated afterwards to delete my memory card without downloading the video and photos to my computer! I have never done this before and was so annoyed with myself, it just showed the pressure I was under at the time. Luckily I had saved a couple of my favourite photos onto the Playstation and have since learnt that my daughter also took a video of Father Christmas. So I can make a copy. Phew!! I will save the story of this meeting for another time, meanwhile I hope your own Christmas has been restful, and just as you would have chosen. Sometimes it is important just to be where you need to be, regardless of expectation and time of year.

Summer with one of her cats.

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