Sunday, 30 December 2012


Right now my head is full and I want to write it down.  And so I am breaking rules. You see, Alexa started a monthly post called Simply a Moment.  Participants are invited to contribute by posting mid month, and I don't want to wait that long.  And mid month has already passed. Dilemma.  But anyone who knows me will also know I do not always conform. And so here is my late (or is it early?) post:

It's 6.30pm Sunday evening.  I am sitting at my computer. ' Nothing unusual there', I hear my family saying...  The TV is on in the other room.  No one bothered to turn it off but we will be back in there soon. A nice film is planned, another relaxed evening. My body is tired and wants nothing more.  A waft of curry cooking drifts along the hall.  B is cooking in the kitchen, using left over turkey.  I hope he has added sultanas. The thought crosses my mind to call him and ask, but I don't.  Instead I gaze at the clutter on my desktop. A Christmas globe, it's glitter shining in the halogen light.  There is a slot in the centre where you slide a double sided photo.  The acetate cover is lopsided on top, removed a couple of weeks ago to see where the photos fitted.  Other globes sit in a bag on the floor.  I planned to put photos in each of these as Christmas presents for family. Sadly these and other presents went unfinished. I wonder whether to finish them and give as presents for next Christmas, or to wait and use more up to date photos...

My thoughts are interrupted by B coming in.  'Do I want chips or rice with my curry'?  He rubs my back as he talks, it's relaxing and I don't want him to stop.  My head feels tight, not achy but tense. I am looking forward to doing nothing...  B walks away and comes back with my glass of wine. I'd left it in the kitchen.  It's a deep dark red, I lift the glass and let the wine linger in my mouth to feel the richness of flavour, then take another sip before putting the glass on my mouse mat.  The mat is aged now, but a gift from a special friend. She had photos of us printed on it, taken on holidays together. One of her peering through a tiny entrance in a wall.  Another of a cake stand, and  memories of a tea room in Southport come flooding back..... of elegance I had not experienced before or since.  I smile as I look at the photos, notice the grubby corner.  I have a new mouse-mat on my desk, bought in the sale. I look at the kittens face on the packaging. 'Your photo here' it boldly invites. I look again at my old familiar mat and think that a wipe over will refresh and give it a new lease of life. My mind flitters, I take another sip of wine. It warms and comforts me. The tension loosens in my head. I swallow slowly, enjoying the rich body of flavour, the smell of curry, noises from the kitchen telling me it will soon be served.


Tuesday, 25 December 2012


This year we have been busy planning Christmas and a funeral, so sadly no time for the post I had had in mind. I just want to take this chance to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and everything you wish for yourself. 

Thursday, 13 December 2012


I can't believe how long ago I last posted.  Life has happened in between and there have been some wonderful highs, and some difficult lows.  And this random post is my attempt to fill some of the gap.

I am currently getting used to Windows 8. Have you tried this yet?  I had it on my new laptop but this weekend I also have it on my new computer. A super duper fast one that my son hand built. It knocks the socks off my old computer and Windows 8 was already installed, so it's a case of sink or swim!  Shutting down and some other functions are very long winded compared to older versions of Windows but I may find there are short cuts as I get more familiar. And there are a lot of good things about it including some of the apps you can download. I am going to have lots of fun with Photofunia!

Not so good, is my father in law. He had a fall recently and broke his ankle. He did this a few months ago... that time he broke the other one.  At 95 he is a constant worry to the family but he was adamant he wants to live in his own home. We arranged carers and an alarm he could press to call for help, all of which he begrudged and did not want.  Sadly this time it looks as though he will not return to his home. Twice we have been told his time could be limited and family took turns to be with him 24/7. The hospital decided they have done as much as they can and we were pressured into finding residential care.  We fought hard to find somewhere of our choosing, which luckily is local. He is receiving the best care possible but aging is not something I look forward to if this is what it means.

On a brighter note, our small team at work has won an award for Innovative Practice. It makes all the hard work and high pressure worth while. Recently we made Christmas cards to sell and this was a huge success. Some patients enjoyed it so much they decided to buy their own materials and make more at home. We have done other things too, such as take photos to illustrate a brochure that I am putting together.  Being able to use some of my creativity at work is quite exciting and there are more plans in the making. 

If you follow my blog you may recall we bought some new furniture recently.  Well, things have moved on since then.  The bookcase is painted and when it is completed I will show before and after pictures.  We thought we would have to cut a piece out of the top to fit into the alcove.  Guess what?  It fitted PERFECTLY with millimetres to spare!  I knew it was meant for us, the moment I saw it in the antique shop.  And while I dismantled and painted the bookcase the room looked like this...

.... because somehow we decorated around the mayhem.  But we are slowly making headway. I am now painting the chairs in this photo, and next will be the pine table and a large dresser base. We are planning new curtains, and rug, and we also have ideas for the fire surround.  

Meanwhile, we had problems with some of our kitchen doors. Ikea have been amazing and exceptional in their customer service. They have changed the colour of our units but managed to source replacements from Sweden and arrange prompt delivery. I can not praise Ikea more. The doors have now been replaced and we plan to renew the worktops and make a few other small changes.  Then my kitchen will look like new again.  Hopefully all in time for Christmas, leaving time to decorate in a more festive way!

Yes... it's that time of year that creeps up and jumps out at me. Yet again!  I had hoped to be better organised this year but I should know better by now.  At least my cards are made and most sent. Not many presents bought yet and not much thought given to it either, but I am not stressing.  My daughter suggested that I make pillow cases for each of my 3 granddaughters. Each to be dyed a different colour, and personalised with applique. So I have four metres of organic bamboo valour on it's way, that I bought on line.  When will I have time to do this?  I can't imagine, I just know I will. Because sometimes I accept that I need to prioritise time and be focused.  It means I do less of other things I enjoy, but ploughing on in a determined way means I achieve what I set out to do. Some of what I have accomplished has been long-term planned. And once the house has become home again I have other things I want to do. I am looking forward to 2013 because this will be the start of more change. It is an exciting time, but first there is Christmas and this year my family are all here.

Better get the painting finished then!!!                                                                 

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