Wednesday, 5 June 2019

5 in 5 - June 2019 - The Lighthousekeeper

Welcome to '5 in 5' where on the 5th of 
each month I post 5 photos that I have 
taken in 5 minutes.

In March I went to a Artbookart Exhibition to see the collaborative work of local artists and friends.  It was inspired by the book 'The Lighthousekeeper' written by Jeanette Winterson and I had not read the book prior to my visit.  However, I was inspired by the story and the artwork, so I promptly ordered a copy and was not disappointed. Some might find the flitting back and forth in time does not appeal to them, but for me it was a different and enjoyable read, where the characters came to life and my imagination taken on a journey. Sometimes surreal, sometimes sad, this book weaves a story about an orphan child who goes to live with a lighthouse keeper. Here are just a few of the exhibits that were part of the collaborative exhibition:  

Sculptured objects by Gwen Simpson
Bringing the imagery of 'Lighthousekeeping' out of the page

  Part of a textile collage by Karen Apps
"Carry your own light and you'll never get lost in the darkness"

 A Pop up book using Turkish Map fold and origami envelope fold by Chris Ruston
"All of us bound together, tidal, moon drawn, past, present and future, in the break of a wave" Jeannete Winterson

Sculptural Bookart by Sally Chinea
'Some wounds never heal'

I think you'll agree, this work is impressive and I was so glad I went a long to see it.  I also enjoyed the chance to catch up with the artist, Chris Ruston, and have a day out with my friend Ruth. A good day all round!

As always, I invite you to join in this 5in5 monthly challenge and I hope some of you will do that. Trying a new way of doing things can spark new ideas and add interest, so here's how it works: 

1.  Choose a location.
2.  Have your camera ready.
3.  Set a mobile timer for 5 minutes.

4.  Take as many photos you can until the time is up.
5.  Choose 5 photos to download and share by using the link tool 

You have until the 25th of the month to add your photos and if you want to know more about 5in5 there are details here.

And one more thing - when you use the link tool, please click on your post title.  This will show the web address. Please right click, copy and paste this as your link.  This will take readers directly to your '5 in 5' blog page and be easier for them to find.

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