Thursday, 29 October 2015


This week I was given some vintage knitting patterns. 
Just imagine my joy!!
And it got even bigger as I looked through the pile.

Because they triggered memories. 

Such as my dad telling me about the time his Mum (my Nan) knitted him some swimming trunks. The weight of the water made them stretch so he had to be careful to hold them up when he got out of the sea.

And the funny thing is, I wrote this post yesterday. Before taking my mum to see my aunt..... 

and they started to reminisce, as they often do, and to talk about things that they used to enjoy. Like knitting, before onset of failing eyesight and painful joints. Which bought them round to my nan... and the infamous swimming trunks. And they seemed surprised when I started to laugh and tell them about my vintage patterns and how these had triggered my own memories about the swimming trunks. And a blog post, written just hours before. 

'Spooky' my aunt called it. Me? I like to think it was time for this story to be told, and when the time is right everything connects and falls into place. Call it synchronicity, if you like.

My aunt reminded me there was a photo of my dad wearing these trunks, so when I got home I looked it out. I'd never noticed before that my dad had got over the problem by wearing a belt. 
And apparently the trunks were maroon!

I had a similar problem when  my nan knitted my first bikini. Maybe it was crocheted, either way, my lack of boobs meant that I had nothing to hold it up.  And I remember standing up in the sea and the sudden realisation that my top part was not where it was meant to be!  Seeing my nan in the photo above makes me think that she is still laughing at these happy memories and mishaps too. 

There will be more to share about these vintage knitting patterns so I'll be back soon with more.  

Meantime, thank you to everyone who is cheering me on in this 30 Day Blogging Challenge, reading my posts, and leaving such heart warming and positive comments. I truly appreciate this. 
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