Friday, 10 June 2011

10 things on the 10th

I posted here about things I want to change within the next 5 years.  That is a very generous time frame because realistically I want it to be more like 5 months.  But who’s counting?!

Then Shimelle suggested posting 10 things on the 10th of the month and I got thinking. ....  life has felt very chaotic and busy lately.  Things have been neglected because of the on-going building work and spending time with my Mum following her operation.   I have now started my new job and slowly, slowly, I am gathering my breath and trying to catch up.  And so, I am going to set myself 10 goals this 10th day of the month.

I am giving myself to the 10th of next month to complete this, that's 4 weeks.  So let’s start:

1.     Sort out my photos.   Since December these have been simply downloaded off the camera onto the computer.   Usually I sort each download into various albums and have a system that works for me.  I take lots of photos on a daily basis so this will be a huge task.  And best not left any longer!
 2.     Project 365.  Yes – I am still doing this even though my Flickr album only contains 30 photos this year.  This means I need to download a photo a day from February to now.  I once got behind with this before and made a mental not NEVER to do that again as it was so frustrating and difficult to catch up.  Some lessons need repeating!

3.    Start an art journal.  This is more pleasure than pain.  Something I keep saying I want to do, and now I have set myself a target.

4.    Finish knitting a bolero for my newest granddaughter.  I keep starting projects and not finishing them, and you know how fast babies grow.  Wren will outgrow it before I finish if I don’t get it done!

5.    Complete my Journal Your Christmas album.  Yes – you read right!  I know I have said this before and again I will be taking it to my monthly group.  But this time I plan not to be distracted.  The trouble is I see other exciting ideas and put the JYC album aside.  Not this time, because I really do want to finish it before I start another album.  And I have others earmarked so I have motivation.

6.    Start using my Wii machine again.  I did use this regularly for a while and enjoyed the fitness games and exercises.  I need to increase my physical activity and this suits my lifestyle right now.  In the future I hope to be able to get out more.   I love walking and gardening but for now things indoors are more pressing.

7.    Plan something for my blog birthday on 20th June.  I’m still thinking what I might do.  Watch this space!

8.    Plan a holiday or short break away.  A change of scenery would be very welcome.

 9.    Organise my work space.  You know how things accumulate and increase in piles?  At least it saves the need to dust.....

10.    Add a texture to a photo.  One of my plans this year was to experiment with Photoshop Elements and become more familiar and confident with using it.  Not so!  I have used textures before by layering and I even started taking photos specially to use as textures & effects.  Remember I said I download my photos into albums?  ‘Textures’ is one of them  and this is a photo I previously experimented with. I am setting this as my final challenge and hope I can remember how to do this.
Incidentally, if you don't have Photoshop, 'Picnik' offer a range of special effects, lots of them free and fun to play with.

I am looking forward to coming back on 10th of next month to celebrate my achievements, and I really hope I can do all these things.  Especially organising the photos.  I wonder what 10 things you would choose?
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