Wednesday, 14 October 2015


I belong to an increasing number of Facebook groups and recognise that I am spending more time and more time there.  So much time that I loose hours every day.  Time that once I would have spent visiting blogs. Strange that something that was such an important part of my day has become overshadowed.... 

I have also questioned the purpose of my own blog posts.  Anyone who blogs will know it can take hours to put a post together. And I mean hours! Do I want to spend so much time doing this when there are so many other things I want to do?  So I asked myself:

'Blogging - what's the point?'

And what's interesting is that right on cue, my online friend Julie wrote a very thought provoking post.  It made me think more about blogging and What is the point?  Well, here's some of the answers I came up with relating to my own experience:

Why blog?
Well, first I love connecting with other people and I am blessed with some wonderful friends and family.  But they don't always share my interest or 'get' what I do. It can be frustrating or disappointing to have something exciting/other to share and no one (who understands or appreciates what is involved) to share it with.  But when I signed up for my first online course which led me to start a blog I soon discovered that there are people out there like me!!  Yes, really!!  Others who get excited by all the things I do and love.  So not only do I have a connection but I also get to learn new things and pick up new ideas, because blogging is interactive and others share too. It can be really exciting and enjoyable as well as having a purpose. 
What to blog about?
That is a question I often ask myself.  I have lots of diverse interests and love taking photos and living a creative life.  But I also love nature, reading/books, exploring new places in my campervan, learning new things, spending time with friends and family, food and anything to do with it.... I could go on but you get the picture!  I don't want a blog that solely focuses on one of these and when I think about the blogs I most enjoy reading they have a common theme. They encompass different parts of that persons life and so you get to know them as an individual. And that's what I want too.
A sharing of ME!
And while I know some posts may hold more interest than others I hope there is enough balance to invite visitors and followers of my blog to return.


Over time I have developed a connection with friends and blogs that I follow regularly.  A casual comment can lead to conversation and more, and this year 'more' was meeting three people I got to know through blogging.  First there was Bernice when I visited Coventry and again when she invited me to stay with her, then Eileen when I visited Wiltshire, and more recently, Helena.  We had a wild and windy walk along the Firth of Forth and it was wonderful to see the spots where Helena takes photos to post on her blog. They already felt familiar!

For me, visiting a blog is sometimes like popping into a friend for coffee and a chat. You never know how you will feel when you leave, though sometimes that friend may have a wicked sense of humour and there's a good chance you will go away with tears in your eyes and an aching belly!  Other times I visit a blog and find myself buzzing with new ideas that can lead on to other things, or read a post that leaves me thoughtful, happy, or sad. Because sometimes difficult times might be shared and I respect those who can write from their heart and get a balance of 'real' life and its ups and downs. It makes me feel more connected with a person, and that's the difference between some 'professional' bloggers who make an effort to have everything perfect. Don't get me wrong! Staged photos, good presentation and well written posts are to be admired but I want to be able to relate to the person - not feel that we are worlds apart.

I do not blog in order to gain recognition and any comments left are icing on the cake. No - more than that.  They can leave me with a big smile, the feeling that I had had a big hug, or a visit from a dear friend. Never under estimate the meaning of a few words thoughtfully left.... which is why I feel sad that I have neglected my own role in this. Interestingly when Julie wrote about comments (yes, I make no apology for mentioning Julie again!) it unravelled a lot of interesting discussion. And I recognised my own pattern:

1. Technology. 
I sometimes use my mobile to read blogs but leaving a comment is sometimes challenging or s-o time consuming.  Sometimes I just give up or just leave brief words, but that doesn't satisfy me and sometimes I decide to revisit when I am on the computer. I may forget, not have time, and so the reasons roll.....
2. Lack of time.
I have been preoccupied by other things (mundane chores/life necessities), and Facebook. I have increased connections and 'business' networks, arranged to run book making workshops and demonstrations at local events. There have been meetings and formalities because creating a life you love takes effort and time. And Facebook. 
3. Time doing other things.
I have read, walked, spent time in my campervan, blogged, developed new ideas and planned workshops, visited places of interest, got out my crochet, enjoyed lots of creative time and the company of others, made attempts at de-cluttering and organising, learned new things,
been sailing, to workshops and residentials, and I enjoyed the summer and break from my routine.

I And what I learned through all this is that there are only 24
hours in a day and how I spend them is important. I want to create regular time to visit blogs like I used to. Not because I want to increase my own following or number of comments left but because I have developed a addiction bad habit of wasting spending too much time on Facebook and I want to address the balance. But knowing this and doing something about it are different things so I am taking Julie's example and setting myself a challenge. I will be back with details once I have decided on a plan. 

Meanwhile I know I have waffled, rambled, and gone on but these thoughts have been waiting patiently to be released. If you are still with me to the end, thank you!  Yes!  A big thank you! I am taking the helm and steering a new course!

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