Tuesday, 20 October 2015


A few months ago a blog friend told me about 'Meet-Up'.  I'd heard about these but thought they were meant for people new to an area and intended as a way of building a social network. How wrong I was!  When I checked these meetings out I discovered a wealth of local groups covering every subject from archery to zumba. It was a place like minded people could gather. I signed up straight away! 

And 3 months ago I couldn't believe my luck, a new group was formed that hugely interested me.  But unfortuantly every meeting has clashed and last night I forego my monthly night with craft friends because I wanted to find out more. So I went to my first NLP Meet-Up.  


For those who don't know it stands for Neurolinguistic Programming.  I have always been interested in alternative therapies and approaches to life. And how the mind works. I was a child of the 60's after all!  But I am not talking drug induced ways. NO! I have always prefered to use my own resources. Learn ways of making the most of what I have! And so I bought my first book about 15 years ago. I still remember the shelf in the library and the book nudging it's spine towards me.  What could I do but reach out and take a look?!  

Since then I have bought 3 more books. 

Some years ago I briefly joined a group but it was a distance away and with shift work it wasn't practical to keep going. I thought of going on courses and becoming a practitioner. Because NLP is so 'ME'!  Do you believe in mind over matter?  Well I certainly do. Sometimes it isn't what we have to deal with in life but HOW we deal with it. Take a case in point:

Last night I watched tv presenter Piers Morgan interview Warwick Davis. For those who do not know, Warwick Davis has a height deficiency and starred in a leading role in Star Wars. He has made a success out of his small height, huge personality and determination to live life to the full.  And immidiately my mind has jumped to a similar programme I saw this week. Yes, synchronicity is still flowing! This was a documentary about Brett Nielson who was born with no arms due to his mother taking thalidomide during pregnancy. Brett is another man who against all odds has gone on to live a fulfilling and incredible life. He plays the piano (astoundingly well!), cooks meals and uses his feet instead of his hands. I was blown away!  Nothing gets in the way of these two men, dispite the challenges, other peoples attitudes towards 'difference', and the extra effort involved in everything they do. 

“It doesn’t matter what happens to you in your life –
it matters how you deal with it.”

– Brett Nielsen

I mentioned that I thought of doing training and becoming a NLP practitioner. I strongly believe it would have complimented the work I was doing - but I was ahead of my time. My professional body demanded evidence and proof based on research. I couldn't provide this at the time and I didn't have the time or energy to do my own research. And so I put my books back on the shelf.  Until now. I realise there is nothing in my way now. I don't know if I will train to become a practioner, but I will certainly continue to attend the group and learn and use what I can. Personally.  Because it is so true! How we deal with things in life is about attitude and how we think. A few weeks ago I was stressed over mundane tasks that I needed to do. I couldn't see beyond the overwhelm, but with an effort I pulled on my own resources.  And what I didn't have I reached out for. You may have already read that post. If not, you can find it here.

I feel as though I have turned a corner and that the universe is listening.  And in the same way, it is important to listen to our own needs. To take time out, step away, or do what feels right. Because once pysically restored and with new mindset, we too can be powerful and amazing with what we can achieve!  Okay, perhaps that's a bit extreme, but you know what I mean! But positive thinking goes a long way!

I keep talking about synchronicity. It has happened again. Yesterday I read a new blog post on 'Do What You Love'.  It connects so much with what I have been saying over the past week. 

Funny that. 

Or perhaps not. 

Perhaps the universe knows I am ready for change and these are gentle reminders to keep going. And I am.

Thank you for popping by.  I have  so much enjoyed reading your comments and been blown away by how much time and thought has gone into writing these. I'll be back tomorrow with another post as part of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Small steps. That's what counts.
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