Wednesday, 1 April 2020

30 Day Photo Challenge April 2020

Many of us are in lock-down, or experiencing life-outside-norm at the moment because of Coronavirus.  Our usual routines and social activities are on hold and so I thought it would be fun to come together and share a photo challenge, for the month of April. 

It is a way of sharing some uplifting photos, reliving memories, and bringing some fun into our day. So, are you with me?

How it will work:

I have added a list of prompts below. Please interpret these in any way you choose. 

If you wish, leave a comment below with your contact details so that we can follow you. Share on photos your Facebook page, Instagram, or what other media you choose and add #30dayphotochallengeapril2020 plus #dayX. 

And if you don't want to share, that's fine too. Join in anyway! 

My husband is not a photographer but I hope he will join in because it will be fun to do together during these days of confinement. So why not invite your friends or family to take part?

Let's just keep it simple. 

They can be photos you have already taken or ones you are taking for the challenge. Let's just have fun. And if you want to share, brilliant, because I'd love to see your photos! 

Let's start:

Day 1  -  A selfie

Day 2  -  Something that gives you joy

Day 3  -  Centred

Day 4  -  A book you are reading/have read

Day 5  -  Window 

Day 6  -  Print

Day 7  -  A favourite cup or mug

Day 8  -  Rainbow

Day 9  -  Reflection

Day 10 -  Something that makes you laugh

Day 11 -  Pattern

Day 12 -  Look up

Day 13 -  Look down

Day 14 -  Self care

Day 15 -  A door

Day 16 -  Escape

Day 17 -  Food 

Day 18 -  Digit/s

Day 19 -  Where I'd like to be

Day 20 -  Something with a scent/smell

Day 21 -  What I am doing to relax

Day 22 -  Communication

Day 23 -  Outside

Day 24 -  Texture

Day 25 -  Something that marks today

Day 26 -  Something you look forward to

Day 27 -  A show of appreciation

Day 28 -  Cosy

Day 29 -  Achievement

Day 30 -  Celebrate!

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