Friday, 6 March 2015


This is my 5th year of Project 365 and rather than have my photos sit on my computer I have decided to share them here weekly.

Welcome to week 9:

Day 57: Another visit to Colchester, admiring the snowdrops around the castle.

and a journal workshop:

Day 58: A visit to the MAKE IT SHOW in Farnborough. As always I found lots that I didn't know I wanted, and a few that I did. It was also a chance to meet up with my friend Ruth, who I first met in blogland.

And then home to Happy Mail. I still don't know who sent this surprise package, but they know what gives me a big smile! Thank you mystery sender!

Day 59: Heritage Motor Centre, Coventry.
Now while I am not a car enthusiast, I do like taking photos and hearing stories that create meaning. This beautiful Austin 16 was the one millionth Austin to be produced and every Longbridge employee signed the bodywork. It was kept as a display vehicle, and car numbers 999,999 and 1,000,001 were raffled to employees. 

Close up of the bodywork... this would make a wonderful texture for photos.

Day 60. A day to relax and to get out my journal and pens. I never travel without them.

Day 61. The Cathedral may be impressive, but it was Holy Trinity Church that stood out for me.  This 'Doom painting' dates from 1400's and was only rediscovered in 2002. What a find!

I loved the story of this 'tall chair' dating back to 1833:
The vicar of the time (Walter Hook) was friends with a Scottish Bishop. At the time Scottish clergy were not allowed to 'set foot' in English churches, so this chair was used to carry the bishop into the church!

Day 62. Before travelling home I met up with my Blog and Facebook friend Bernice. I love how many friends I have met online and it is so good to meet up in person when opportunity comes.

Day 63.  It's funny how absorbed we become when surrounded by  fibres, threads, buttons, fabric and PAPER!
Beautiful books made today at the Painted Pages class.

That's it for another week. 
Thank you for popping by and I'll be back soon with more 'A Year in Photos'.
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