Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Recently an online friend posted a photo of an old book she had bought. My heart became all of a flutter, because book+old+interesting = LOVE!!!  Then my flutter grew, because she went on to tell how she had bought this for a friend, and added:

'This one is for you, Sandie!' 

Well, what's a girl to think?  But it seems I got it all wrong because my exuberant thanks was met with a rather embarrassed apology.  It seems the book was meant for another friend, and what she meant by her words is that this book would appeal to me too! 

I felt equally embarrassed and fortunately we are both adult enough to laugh about the situation and let it pass. I've learnt from it too of course. Rather than get over excited, another time I will check out the meaning rather than assume my interpretation. And I was glad that we handled it in the way that we did. I could easily have been overcome with shame or vulnerability and removed my FaceBook comment in haste, before others saw it. Because some people

can be unkind or insensitive.  But not in that closed group, where  others came in to share their own fopas and said how easy it is to read into things, especially when written as a text or comment. 
And yesterday another friend posted a link where stories showed that others are human too.  See here

It's good to know I'm not the only one to put my foot in it. Which brings me nicely to this:
My blog friend Sian, over at 'From High in the Sky' is a knitter of socks. I immediately thought of her when I saw this pattern book and I admire her half handkerchief heels and wedge toes even I don't understand how to do these. And in response to my recent 'My Month in Numbers' post, where I mentioned my love of numbers and sequences, Sian commented that she has a socks pattern to knit stripes in a Fibonacci sequence? How about that?!  I can't wait to see them!  Meanwhile, I know how much Sian loves vintage knitting patterns, so:
Sian. This one is for you!
No, really!  Happy mail will be in the post and you do not need to check this out. You read it right!
If YOU have a sock story, or one about when you have put your foot in it, please do leave a comment and share. I’d love to hear more!
And if you think someone else will enjoy reading this post please feel free to share this too. It’s good to see a humorous side to life!
Just to clarify, 'putting your foot in it' is a saying here in Britain that means you've said something amiss, misunderstood, or made a fopa.
POSTSCRIPT: This morning Blogger is playing up. It won’t allow me to edit and set out the post as I choose, so apologies for the poor presentation. I will come back later and hope that the glitches are sorted so that I can put this right. Some days technology just seems intent on making life difficult!
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