Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday.... today our interior design has pushed all limits.
We have a tent erected in our dining room in an attempt to dry it after a wet and windy week in North Yorkshire.

Hello Monday.... coming back from holiday is always an anticlimax, especially when it had been planned and looked forward to for so long.

Hello Monday.... the washing machine and tumble dryer have been going endless.  I am not thinking about the ironing.

Hello Monday.... we ate well but I still bought home enough food for a weekly shop. Note to self: Pack less in future.

Hello Monday.... I now have a freezer full of sausages after getting carried away at Roger's of Masham.

Hello Monday....  I have used meat from the freezer to make space for the sausages.  No - that is not logical, but at least there is a good smell of curry cooking.

Hello Monday.... coming back from holiday is always easier when you can ease yourself back into work. A day off today for unpacking and a training tomorrow means a shorter working week.

Hello Monday.... I'm looking forward to an evening with girl friends tomorrow. We have all been away and have lots of catching up to do!

Hello Monday.... I have booked a place at Lizzie's Craft Residential in March.  I love having things to look forward to, especially during the cold and winter months.

Hello Monday.... this Saturday I will be at Eclectic Keepsakes and Ann Freeman is running the class.  That is another thing to look forward to.

Hello Monday.... You are October.  You have come round too quick. I have made notes daily for Learn Something New Every Day and so far I have not completed one page in my album.

Hello Monday.... October means my blog e-course is also completed. I am WAY behind.  No pressure, but other things are planned and will not wait.....

Hello Monday.... here is a reminder to take the week gently and to enjoy each day as it comes.
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