Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I am behind with my regular blog posts, not because I have been neglectful but because on top of everything else I decided to make a PhotoBox album, using photos from my Shetland adventure.  With over 4,000 to choose from it seemed the best way to show my photos but this is my first time of using PhotoBox and because I am redesigning each page layout rather than using the standard ones offered it is taking much time and steep learning! Luckily I am getting there very slowly.  The offer was time limited which put me under much pressure but I have just learnt that I can pay for an extension and I think this will be much needed. I can relax a little and catch up with other things!   

With every day already full I told myself I will not take on any new projects because then I heard about INDEX CARD A DAY CHALLENGE. This immediately sounded exciting because although I spend a lot of hours making things with paper I usually have a goal in mind and a time frame.  This challenge encourages you to take a small piece of card everyday and just play for no purpose or reason. Remember how we used to do that as a child! Sadly we have to be reminded as an adult....

I know how important it is to set this time aside so this gave me the nudge I needed.  And yesterday I gathered a stack of card that was cut to the size that I wanted and I plan to put some small basic materials in a bag ready to use.  Basically these are the same as I took to the Shetlands: a couple of sharpie pens, black ink pad, a pen for writing with, a small set of alphabet stamps, scissors and some scraps of paper and glue stick. I made a list of ideas for inspiration but plan to be spontaneous and go with the flow... and I am putting no pressure on myself.  If I miss a day, so be it, but as I have everything I need and plan to keep it simple I can do it on the go. Cards will be completed in as little as 5 minutes or more if I choose and as my Mum has a hospital appointment coming up I can doodle on a card while I am in the waiting room, or make a card instead of spending time on Facebook!  A game of solitaire must take the same time as it will to make a card... yes, this should be manageable! 

Yesterday I was printing photos and spontaneously decided to manipulate one of them:

I love how it turned out as I have a strong urge to make my own prints using wood and lino.  These cards will certainly be a good way to try them out, though adding more than one colour will be a challenge and learning curve!!   All tips welcome!

I copied the photo onto a word document so that I could position and get the image size to fit the card so that I could print straight onto it. I then added the words using small alphabet stamps and this is my Index Card for Day 1.  I am planning to make one a day through June and July, and you never know, this might become a routine I enjoy enough to continue.  But for now I'd best go and make day 2! 

Do let me know if you join in this challenge and where I can see your cards if you share them! I'll be back to share some of mine but
meantime thank you for popping by. 


  1. Great card. It really does call to mind a print.

  2. If you hadn't told me, I'd have thought 'lino print' :). How very clever ... and perfect. Gosh, you are really giving your creative streak some wellie this month! I have ignored all offers from photo book companies because I couldn't cope with the pressure of completing inside a time frame, so you have my admiration, Sandie.

  3. Love how this has turned out.

  4. Wow Sandie! That's so lovely!

  5. fabulous card, look forward to seeing where your daily play takes you

  6. That's fab! I love the colours and the retro look. We've been talking a lot about puffins here, since TTO came back from Scotland having sat in on a law case about the dangers of windfarms to the aforementioned birds. We like puffins

  7. Hi Sandie, just a quickie to say thanks for your letter, and for the "Puffin Pose" card, I love it.
    Joy x x

  8. Hi Sandie. Your Puffin is so beautiful. I am doing ICAD again this year and posting to Instagram you will find me here. #ikibana_banana


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