Tuesday, 10 March 2015


In January I introduced two trees that grow locally and spoke about how I am following them during the year. So far the change continues to be slow but I anticipate the coming month will be different.


 The small violets that nestle in between the roots of this tree have opened.
 They have also spread......  I had to be careful where I stepped!

For the first time I noticed a hole made by a wood pecker. I'm sure it wasn't there before....
 There are still no sign of leaves,
but in the hedgerow there is blossom, 
and along the road side daffodils have started to show... 

Signs of Spring are less noticeable further down the road where my
other tree stands.


No pretty violets round this trunk.

But the field where the oak grows is starting to show colour while the oak holds tight onto last years leaves. 

And despite the broken branches there are signs of life. 
I wonder how much longer before these buds start to open.
 Meanwhile the lichen looks green and lovely what ever time of year.

 I am linking in with Loose and Leafy this month and I'll be back in April with more photos. I hope you are enjoying nature and seasonal changes wherever you are.  Thanks for popping by. 


  1. This is lovely Sandie. I loved the shot of the bare field - I can almost breathe in the fresh air!

    Can I ask what camera you use? I'm currently on a hunt for a new one .. and keep asking whenever I see someone's photos I like! I know there are as many recommendations as there are people with cameras ... but I need somewhere to start the search!

    1. I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18, Julie.
      It is very well used and is nearly 7 years old. I mistreat it all the time, carrying it loose in my bag everywhere I go. It is on it's second battery and telling me it is time to get a new one as it no longer holds its charge as long as it used to.
      It is a bridge camera and I like the fact it has a good zoom and I do not have to carry spare lenses with me. It has taken some good macro photos (sufficient for my needs) and while you can get smaller cameras I like something I can 'feel'.
      It has been superseded now and people I know who have this camera love it as much as I do mine. So I would seriously consider this as a replacement when the time comes. I have thought of changing it but as you say, it becomes very complicated and so I have stuck with what I know for now.
      Good luck with your own choosing, let me know what you decide on!

  2. I am so jealous of those who actually have something that looks like Spring happening. Still quite the winter wonderland here!

    1. We've been lucky Cheri. Winter has not been harsh, just a few sharp frosts where we live and a burst of snow that went as fast as it came. When I see photos of snow in other parts of the hemisphere I think myself very lucky! I hope warmer weather finds you soon :)

  3. Those violets are particularly lovely! So glad you also love your Lumix!

  4. Great post! I love your trees and especially appreciate the lichen. It's a favorite of mine. The woodpecker hole is quite interesting in its own right! And thanks for adding the touch about the violets. I have a cluster of these that I've been planning to transplant and your post gave me just the right nudge in that direction! I look forward to your next post.


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