Thursday, 21 August 2014


Last time I showed ways of making pockets, using envelopes and other stationary.  This time I will show how to decorate some of your pages using quick and easy techniques using Dylusion spray inks.  But first here's another pocket, using a 12x12 sheet of paper.

First, fold your sheet into half.  Turn and fold into thirds as shown below. 
Turn each corner in.

With corners turned, fold in the sides.
Now,  fold under, in half.  You have a pocket each side and a nice sturdy page.
  In addition, you could add double sided tape and secure the two halves
 to form another pocket in between, with top or side opening.

 So let's look at other ways of making pockets and decorated pages.  In my last post here 
I showed a page made from a card envelope.  You will be familiar with these if you buy books online.  As I had to reduce the height of the page I had to reseal it.  I decided to add a strip from a file folder so I glued this inside, and folded the excess up and over.

I used double sided tape on the two outer edges,  leaving the top open to form
an additional pocket.  The side of the page provides larger storage space.

I then used Dylusions ink spray to add some colour to the pocket.
I may add more detail or leave this for the recipient.

I love spray ink as they are quick and easy to use, and they make an immediate impact.  I always cover my work surface with plastic covering and use a large sheet of paper to collect the excess ink as it is sprayed.  Interesting patterns and colours form and later I will cut up this sheet and use it as pages in the journal, or as decoration. 
Here's some pages from a book. 
You can see some of the sheet of paper and the colour starting to form.

This time I sprayed a window envelope.  I then turned it face down onto the sheet of paper and because the ink does not absorb into the cellophane it was transferred.  Can you see the imprint?!  A quick wipe with kitchen roll left the window clear. 
A quick spray on the reverse means I have a colourful page.  The wrinkles soon dry out!
At the top of the photo you can see another envelope that I used to mop up some of the excess ink.  You will see this again in a moment.
Next I took a sheet of adhesive labels and sprayed those. 
Can you see how colourful this  background sheet is becoming?
And remember the envelope I used to 'mop up' some of the ink? 
Well there it is with some of those adhesive labels.  I could have added more ink or
colour but I quite liked the subtle effect.  Sometimes it is good to rest the eye.
And on the reverse I stuck more labels.  Once more, I may come
back and add some more decoration, or leave it for someone else.

So that's it for now.  Next time I will show you more of my pages and ways I have decorated them, and Deb, who is taking part in the Swap, will be sharing the story about what inspired her journal.  So I hope to catch up with you soon and thank you for visiting.  By the way:

There is still time to join in the Junk Journal Swap!!
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Monday, 18 August 2014


Hi!  I am back with some ideas about how to prepare pages for a Junk Journal.  In this post  I shared ideas about the different papers and materials that can be used to make pages. And today we will focus on envelopes and ways of folding paper and card as we are looking at how to make pockets, wallets, and ways to conceal or contain things such as journaling, tickets, tags etc.
I will try not to be too photo heavy, though sometimes a picture can say more than words and also show an example.  Here is some of the envelopes and stationary that I used:

Some pockets will be left for the recipient to decorate as they choose, so it was a simple case of choosing a top or side opening.  Where necessary I cut the envelope to fit the journal cover and stuck down any open or cut sides, leaving just the pocket opening.  With the example below I decided to reveal the inside of the envelope as I like the blue design.  This also shows how I formed the sides when resizing an envelope.  In this example I slit the sides and opened the envelope.  I cut away some of the excess paper leaving a small lip which was glued, so that when the page was folded it made a neat edge.  I stuck the other side with tape, leaving the top of the pocket open.  And to conceal a join in the original construction of the envelope, I added a strip of decorative tape across the bottom.... see picture below.

Here's the finished pocket ready to be put into the journal. 
It can be decorated later by me or the recipient.
Windows make a nice addition as they show a glimpse of the contents. 
I upturned the envelope and covered the print.
A magazine cutting neatens the back of this used envelope and adds interest. 
It also folds inside the envelope, strengthening and tidying the original flap.
Next I chose a lunch bag and cut it in half. 
It was too wide to fit the cover so I trimmed it and sealed the edge with decorative tape.  Inside I stuck the gusset with tape to make it more firm.  The finished page provides 2 pockets, one inside the bag and one inside the folded base. 

With the top of the lunch bag I simply stapled the cut edge.  Sometimes simple closures add effect, don't you think?  This is a side opening and the handles would have made the page too wide, so I stapled these onto the page each side. The gusset allows a wide pocket opening so I added a length of string which can be tied to keep the contents secure. 

Next came a greetings card.  This one was quick and easy
with two strips of double sided tape to form a top opening pocket.
 Remember the file at the top of the page?  Well I cut it to size and opened it up.
This just needed double sided tape to make a nice strong pocket page.
 And if you buy books from Amazon, or online, I'm sure you have some of these!  They
make good strong pages and I cut the envelope to the right width.  The cut edge will form
the pocket opening.  I then had to reduce the height of the page, so I measured one side
and folded the excess, gluing it inside to make a nice strong edge.  Next time I will
show an addition that I added to this page.  I hope some of these ideas are useful.
I have started to receive journals and my excitement is growing as fast as my collection of pages!  What's more, I was so inspired by the story behind Deb's journal that I have invited her to tell us more and this will come later in the week.  I'll be back meanwhile with another post, this time showing some quick and easy page decoration.   Thank you for visiting.
There is still time to join in the Junk Journal Swap!!
You can find more about it here.  
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