Monday, 14 July 2014


Today I am officially no longer in full time employment and it feels incredibly exciting to say this!  I have chosen to leave my professional role and this feels a huge leap of faith into the unknown with loss of  financial security.  
But it feels so right!!

It wasn't a decision made lightly and it took a long time for me to reach this point.  But once I got here handing in my resignation was easy.  One friend called it zeitgeist, a term I had not come across before.  But when I looked it up, I saw what she meant.  ‘Zeitgeist’ is made from two German words, zeit, which means time, and geist, which means spirit.  The push and pull between doing what I love, and love what I am doing, was becoming ever stronger. 

Because, yes!  There were parts of my professional role that did love and I am sad to leave behind.  There are things that I will miss....  BUT giving this up frees me to focus on other areas of my life that have been long time put-on-hold or neglected.  The tension between the two was ever growing............

And now there is a sense of liberation:

There will be no more regularly getting up at 5am
No more long commutes - sometimes sitting for hours in traffic
No more commitment and having to fit my life around work
No more push and pull

So what will I do?! 

Well, it has been my long-term dream to spend more time being creative and sharing what I do.  Back in March I took my books to an ArtBookArt fair and I was encouraged to arrange space in a local community art-cafĂ© project.  But there was no point.  I didn't have time to make the stock to fill a shelf, and like other opportunities this had to wait until my situation changed. 

And so now I have arranged space in the shop and I DO have my work displayed and on sale!  It is a pop-up project and not sustainable, but at least it gets my work shown and other opportunities might follow.
But even more exciting!


Three classes are booked through August and I have also been asked to run Scrapbook classes, so dates for these are planned too.  I have been encouraged to take examples of my work to another shop and I have other ideas planned.  I didn't imagine that one door would close and that another would open so fast, but I am so excited!  Finally I have time to follow my dream. 

Financial security is important, we all have bills to pay.  But life is short.  I cannot be true to myself and carry on as I was.  The time feels right to take a risk and to follow my heart rather than my head.....   


Thursday, 10 July 2014

ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT - Seed heads

Today I am joining in with Helena's 'ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT' and as the name suggests you take 2 photos of the same scene.  I find myself paying more attention and sometimes find unexpected surprises.  I was spoilt for choice this time so I am including two ZIZO's ! 
These amazing seed heads were seen at Paycockes House, owned by the National Trust.  I may not have noticed their size if I wasn't looking so closely.
The seeds heads look so much smaller here!  They were drying in a beautiful open sided barn and I have posted more photos of the barn and garden here.
I took another ZIZO in the garden:

These are the seeds of a plant called Honesty.  How amazing that one side looks almost purple, and yet translucent with the sun shining though. They will turn silver as they dry... a seed pod of many colours.  They used to be popular in flower arranging once.  Anyone else remember them?
Thank you to Helena for this great idea, it helps me to see things in a different way.

And if you like photo challenges do pop over to here because I am offering a GIVE AWAY to celebrate the first anniversary of  '5 in 5'.
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