Monday, 5 August 2013

5 in 5 - Melanie August

This post is written by my friend Melanie. She lives in Australia and doesn't have a blog.  I keep encouraging her and hopefully she will one day. Meanwhile she wanted to join the 5 in 5 challenge so I am posting her photos on her behalf.  I love that Melanie wants to take part!  Over to Melanie: 
It is 5th. August down here in the Southern hemisphere and very dark now as it is 7:45pm. It was also very dark when I walked home having got the bus back to Brighton after book group.  There was a really high tide and waves breaking on the rocks so once home I went out again to take my 5 in 5 at the end of the road.
Top left waves breaking on the rocks. A very high tide this afternoon and the waves made some splendid splashes the white of the water contrasting with the dark rocks of the riprap.
Top right steps down to the beach but where is the beach?  The sea was coming right over the steps so no walking on the beach this afternoon.  Not much sun either but when I took this just enough to give the hand rail a shadow.
Bottom left a flower where the rocks meet the path.  At first glance the coast here looks quite bleak but on the riprap along the shore line there is quite a lot of vegetation.  Much of this vegetation has been planted by volunteers.
Bottom middle ‘Life Support’.  This is the name of the sculpture at the end of my road.  The past few years we have had a sculpture exhibition in the local surf lifesaving club and our local council buys one sculpture and choses a spot for it.  Last year the spot was at the end of our road and residents have mixed feelings about the choice.  I am happy to see this sculpture at the end of the road.
Bottom right the sky through the branches of a Norfolk Island Pine tree.  This tree is not a true pine tree but a southern hemisphere conifer. The sky turned from blue in the first photo I took to the black seen through the branches of this tree.
Thank you for taking part Melanie.... how wonderful to have the beach at the end of the road where you live! 
Melanie also joined in last month.  If you missed her photos you can see them here.
And if you would like to join in too, details are here
Thank you for popping by!

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  1. A great peep into a different life! and what can I say apart from - do it! the blogging life is a good one. I don't think you'll regret it.


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