Thursday, 20 June 2013


Three years ago I signed up for an online course called 'Take Flight'.  I'd never done anything like this before.  It wasn't cheap.  It felt a huge risk. But...

It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. Of course, I didn't know that at the time... I felt completely out of my depth. Some people had businesses or established blogs, some had big dreams and ambitions. And I felt like Christopher Columbus sailing into new territory.  I had a lot of learning and catching up to do!!   And I still feel like that a lot of the time.... 
I had no thought of starting a blog when I set out on that course. I had signed up to be part of a creative group where I could share my ideas and connect with like minded people. And starting a blog felt such a brave thing to do.  A fellow 'Flyer' and I took courage to do this together.... three years ago, to this day. 

And what I did not expect when I set out on my journey, was the wonderful community of friends that I would meet along my way. My life has become all the richer for this. I went on to discover other online courses and made lots more friendships. But I learned that blogging is not something that is confined to online.... 
             Oh no!! 

I now have a wonderful friend who lives quite near and so we see each other regularly. We met through Shimelle's 'EXPLORE' course when we were encouraged to find a buddy. Well, Pauline has become much more than a buddy. We both love photography and get excited over the same creative ideas and materials. We have so much in common.... she feels like a twin and I feel so lucky.

And I didn't anticipate going on a residential with blog friends, but I did!  Lizzie organised this with a band of helpers and what a fantastic time we all had!! I knew lots of the people before we went.... some by name, others because we have formed online friendships or follow each others blog. And after our meeting, closer and new friendships have been formed.  Some of us are meeting up again in November, at another residential. I can't wait!  And the other week, while I was on a day out, I arranged to meet up again with Ruth.  But what is magical about blogging is that you can also 
call someone and invite them to meet even if you've not met before!  I did this while on a visit to Devon this Easter and I had coffee with Jenny.

There have been other unexpected surprises. I recently took part in a swap and I loved one of the cards that I received. I didn't know the artist but I emailed to say thank you... and another friendship was formed. And what is so exciting, is that in the very short time I have known Dawn, I have seen her 'Take Flight'.  After donating one of her paintings to raise money for families who lost homes and loved ones in Oklahoma, her work has taken off! Dawn did not expect or plan this and it is all thanks to this wonderful world of the internet and blogging!  And of course, to her generosity, because what goes round comes round.

I have plans to meet other blog friends too. I have two more residentials booked in the coming months, both arranged by people I met on that first online course.  And my connections interweave as friends meet other friends and my journey continues... becoming ever more exciting and adventurous. And I am so full of gratitude! I never imagined that my journey would unfold in this way and I feel I am still at the beginning. I still have so much more to learn! But I am proud of my first video downloaded onto YouTube. And I have  promised a tutorial to go with the Maxi Mini book. It is being written now. And I also have something else to reveal: my first neme. I want more focus writing my blog, and some fun! So more about this very soon.
Meanwhile, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of my wonderful journey. I have been inspired, cheered on and enriched by your support, comments and friendship. I will be sending some good mail...  
If you would like the chance of winning one of my handmade notepads just leave a comment. You don't have to write a blog. Maybe you like to read them. And I will pick a name from random on Saturday 29th June. 

Thank you for visiting. And when I am home from work I will be pouring  a glass of wine to celebrate.  
Cheers!!!  Happy Blogiversary to me!! 


  1. Happy Blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary dear Sandie, happy blogiversary to you :)

    Gave me quite a turn to see my photo!

    Blogging is brilliant isn't it. I don't always know why I write one, but I enjoy it. I love to browse them and see what everyone has been up to and creating. It has DEFINITELY made me more grateful and I do love looking for the positives in life and squeezing the most out of it. xxx

    1. Jenny, i imagine it was a surprise seeing your photo and not expecting it. I planned to let you know but you were too quick off the mark!

  2. Well, I think you have said it all perfectly. Sometimes I get a bit of quiet time to myself to read a few blogs and I wonder at those days when that option just wasn't there. There must have been a hole we didn't even realise we needed to fill..what did we do?!

    Happy Blogging Anniversary Sandie. I hope you have many many more years of blogging in your future

  3. Happy blogiversary, Sandie! I love blogging because it gives me a place to express myself and share life with others. I love the unexpected friendships formed and I love the inspiration bloggers bring me :)

  4. Happy blogiversary Sandie! Can't believe a year has passed since the last one! I smiled at Sian's comment, whatever did we do before blogging?

  5. Happy happy blogerversary yo you Sandie....... oh bless you for mentioning me...... fabulous story of your blogging journey and it really sums up how I feel about it all too.....looking forward to seeing more of what you have planned xxx

  6. Happy Blogversary to you.....and I agree with everything you say about blogging.....I have made so many new friends through blogging....and it has been wonderful to be able to meet up with some of them.

  7. Happy birthday, I hope you're enjoying that glass of wine! Like has been said before you have summed up perfectly my thoughts on blogging and wait can't to see you again in November x x

  8. Happy Blogiversary Sandie....hopefully I'll see you again in November!
    Alison xx

  9. Happy Blogiversary - What a great post and thank you for the great comments you have made on my blog - who knows one day we may meet up too :0)

  10. Happy Blogiversary Sandie ... here's to many more meet-ups and shared connections!

  11. Happy Blogiversary Sandie ... here's to many more meet-ups and shared connections!

  12. Happy Blogiversary Sandie - here's to many more years of getting connected!

  13. Happy Blogiversary! There is so much good to be found in blogland, isn't there? I'd love to win one of your notebooks. I've fallen out of the gratitude practice, and I think I'm less for that.

  14. Many many congratulations and you sound as if you are just fizzing with excitement! Hope you enjoyed that celebratory glass and looking forward to meeting in again one day, hopefully.


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