Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday.... today our interior design has pushed all limits.
We have a tent erected in our dining room in an attempt to dry it after a wet and windy week in North Yorkshire.

Hello Monday.... coming back from holiday is always an anticlimax, especially when it had been planned and looked forward to for so long.

Hello Monday.... the washing machine and tumble dryer have been going endless.  I am not thinking about the ironing.

Hello Monday.... we ate well but I still bought home enough food for a weekly shop. Note to self: Pack less in future.

Hello Monday.... I now have a freezer full of sausages after getting carried away at Roger's of Masham.

Hello Monday....  I have used meat from the freezer to make space for the sausages.  No - that is not logical, but at least there is a good smell of curry cooking.

Hello Monday.... coming back from holiday is always easier when you can ease yourself back into work. A day off today for unpacking and a training tomorrow means a shorter working week.

Hello Monday.... I'm looking forward to an evening with girl friends tomorrow. We have all been away and have lots of catching up to do!

Hello Monday.... I have booked a place at Lizzie's Craft Residential in March.  I love having things to look forward to, especially during the cold and winter months.

Hello Monday.... this Saturday I will be at Eclectic Keepsakes and Ann Freeman is running the class.  That is another thing to look forward to.

Hello Monday.... You are October.  You have come round too quick. I have made notes daily for Learn Something New Every Day and so far I have not completed one page in my album.

Hello Monday.... October means my blog e-course is also completed. I am WAY behind.  No pressure, but other things are planned and will not wait.....

Hello Monday.... here is a reminder to take the week gently and to enjoy each day as it comes.


  1. YAY - another new blogging face at Lizzie's retreat :o)
    Love the photo of the tent - is your heating on yet? Your Hellos made me laugh out loud - sorry!

    1. We have a log burner in the dining room so I lit that in an attempt to help dry the tent!
      Glad my Hellos made you laugh. Some days you just need to keep a sense of humour don't you?!

  2. That's a shame that the weather was not good for your holiday. Hope you enjoyed it anyway and also sampled the black sheep at Masham. Hope the tent dries soon :0)

  3. Looking forward to seeing you there, Sandie! That tent photo is just wonderful! Hoping the unpacking and re-settling in gets done quick so you have plenty of time for a scrap catchup. :)

  4. Looking forward to meeting you,Sandie.
    Do hope your tent is now dry.

  5. Glad that you had a good holiday, sounds like you crammed a lot in on your day off. See you Saturday to hear more about your travels x

  6. Ah, you're not the first to have a tent up in your house - we had a similar experience, with our first ever family camping trip in Norfolk. We almost got blown off the campsite, came home a day early, in the teeth of a gale, which turned into the worst hurricane the UK had experienced for years! Not much point trying to dry the tent in the garden, in that weather... luckily, at that point we were in a house with a very large sitting room!
    Sorry your weather was rotten - I hope you still managed to have some fun. It's always a shame when you have looked forward to a holiday, then the weather lets you down. This year's weather has just been totally topsy-turvy though. At least you weren't flooded eh...
    Hope you have managed to dry the tent - and the washing!

    Looking forward to meeting you "for real" in March!

    1. Actually, Liz, we were flooded! It seems we pitched in the path of the local waterfalls and streams-cum-river! We woke in a small lake :)

  7. Sounds like a typical Sandie day to me!

  8. Sounds like a typical Sandie day to me! See you later.

  9. so many things to think about for a monday. thanx for ur lovely comment and looking forward myself to the march meet up,
    jo xxxx

  10. I love the tent inside! It's like something we would do lol

  11. I love your Hello theme, great post idea :)

    What a great photo of such a drama, good for you being so positive, but then I have noticed that you tend to be, which is great in my book! At least you have the notes for LSNED so I think you are done, even if you don't scrap them :) Hope your week goes as planned. xxx

  12. i'm impressed that you could fit your tent indoors...
    enjoyed your hello's - look forward to meeting you x

  13. The indoor tent made me giggle out loud!! I'm very much looking forward to March too - see you then :)

  14. Ha ha ha! I love the photo of the tent in your living room, brilliant! x

  15. Hi Sandie! I'm catching up on my blog reading and it looks like your Monday last week was similar to mine (only I had to go back to work - so hubby did the laundry :) Hope this week is a good one!


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