Thursday, 10 May 2012


Some time ago I started to make a mini album titled 'Afew of my Favourite Things'.  It is work in progress but I love mini albums so I was very excited when Karen showed us her's as an example and said this was the workshop of the day.   

But what to add?  I have so many favourite things, but I had to narrow it down.  After all, I can always make more albums and add more of my favourite things!

A book at bedtime came to mind. I am an avid reader and I there is nothing I like more  than crisp white sheets and curling up in bed with a favourite book.
Currently I am reading The Pull of the Moon by Elizabeth Berg.  It's not a recent publication, and I have read it several times, but am always captivated by the strength of womanhood.
Skies, everything about them.  The moon,  the stars, and clouds....  I am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  I don't profess to recognise the different formations but I love
taking photos and am often awe struck by the light and effects of the sun.
I also love star gazing.  Our son in law thought us very strange the first time he discovered us lying on our backs in the garden at night time, gazing up at the sky.  He's got used to us by now and sometimes does it too!

Being by the water......
I am lucky enough to live in an area that is surrounded by the sea.  There are lots of boats, and islands, and  wonderful walks along the sea walls. 
We sometimes go crabbing and there are some favourite pubs we visit.  I have sailed much of the area and would love my own boat.  Perhaps one day.  Meanwhile I take every opportunity I can to be on or by the water.

Which brings me to another of my favourite things... family! I have three beautiful granddaughters who keep me young at heart.  The elder two sometimes come for sleep overs and a routine has evolved where they love to snuggle up on the sofa with us and watch a film on the TV while eating pop corn (home made of course).  Then for breakfast it is pancakes, with lemon and sugar.  I am not one for routines but the girls look always ask for these and it has become part of their stay.

The girls also love craft, and on their last stay the three of us spent quite abit of time in my cabin.  They laughed when I told Brian it was 'girls only' and they always amaze me with their patience and the things they make.  Sometimes I give them photos I have spare and they have made beautiful mini albums adding captions and drawings.  Pages in one of Ivy's says 'look at Mee! and 'this is Mee!  I love it!

Did you spot my list of 10 favourite things?

1. Making mini albums
2.Crisp white sheets
3. Reading
5. Photography
6. Star Gazing
7. Being by the water
8. Boats and sailing
9. Family time & sleep overs
10. Art & Craft

My mini album is still work in progress but one day I will finish it, just as I plan to finish my boxes of half finished projects!  Life has been especially busy lately and you may have noticed I have not posted much or found time to visit and leave comments.  There has been lots happening and I hope to share some of this over time.  But meanwhile you may like to see other  '10 on the 10th' so pop over to Shimelle here where she will be posting more today. 


  1. Hi Sandie, I forgot all about 10 things. I've popped over from your comment you kindly left on my blog. Thank you.
    Your blog is great, I love your 10 things, they match up well to mine so I am definitely going to follow your blog :)
    Coombesgate beach is right next to even more stunning Woolacombe Beach in North Devon :)

    1. Thank you, Jenny. I am wearing a huge smile!
      We go to North Devon every year to stay with friends and know Woolacombe well. I don't remember visiting Coombesgate but it will be on my list next time!

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your favorites! Most of them are mine, too. :D

  3. A cheering post! It's good to take time to think about favourite things

  4. Hiya, nice too see you back on the blog, hope you are keeping well.x

  5. Lovely pictures and list Sandi!
    Alison xx

  6. That's so lovely when connections happen. You commenting, me commenting the beach connection from the view, that there is a connection to the place, the photos of bedtime bliss. It's all there :)

    Next time you come to North Devon. A) Coombesgate is the beach between Woolacombe and Mortehoe. I prefer Woolacombe as it was my 'play beach' but I love CG too. B) Let me know if you can ditch off the family for 30 mins and we will get coffee in The Red Barn in Woolacombe :) If you can't 'ditch' the family i'll bring mine for 30 mins :)

    1. I started to question what I get from blogging, as it eats into so much of my time and takes me away from other things I should/could be doing. I took a break for a while to concentrate on some of these other things but I am quickly reminded why I blog. Because I love connections and finding out other people share experiences and the things I love. So thank you Jennie, I can justify why the house looks a mess, there are several piles of paperwork waiting to be filed, and why I have 18 months of photos sitting on my computer waiting to be organised.
      We usually visit Devon at Easter so have already been this year, but now we have a campervan who know's where it will take us? Before we had children we used to camp at Croyde Bay but I imagine the site is now very different. I love that coast and know it quite well. Yes!! I loved to meet up next time I am down that way.

  7. Love your 10 - many of yours would be on my list too!

  8. Always a good idea to stop and really consider our favorite things and yours are wonderful. Hope to see you more frequently and that all the busyness is a good thing.

  9. great list~we share some of what is on your list:):)

  10. I enjoyed reading about your favorites... loving #1 :) Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  11. Hi Sandie :) I had no idea there was a cloud society :) I love your list of 10 favourite things!

  12. There is a little something for you on my blog ;O) xxx

  13. What a lovely post, I so enjoyed reading about your favourite things, and have so many in common! :) I would love to live near the water one day, I have always loved it so!


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