Wednesday, 11 May 2011


 While I was in Whitstable recently I came across a Vintage 
 Sale.  I love vintage so you can imagine my excitement!  There
 was bundles of lace, buttons galore, fabrics, and some beautiful
 handmade bags in vintage style.  And what made the visit even
 more special was that my husband came across something
 very exciting, and realised that I would love it.

                       Can you guess what it is??

The woman suggested it could be used as a door stop, book end, or ornament.

She obviously didn't know that I would want the machine for what it was actually designed for...

which is this:

My husband doesn't really understand my passion for all things creative - but perhaps I got that wrong!  At least in this instance he got it completely right and the machine even came with the original label attached.

I have a box of materials already to make haberdashery cards and mini albums so this embossed stamp will be just perfect.

Then I got to thinking.........      
I wonder if others would like to share my lucky find? 
If I made some tags or labels, is this the sort of thing crafters might like to use in their designs? 

So... can I be cheeky and ask you to complete this short poll for me please!?  It will only take a few seconds.  And as a thank you I'd like to offer 2 sets of these tags, and I'll also throw in a something extra as a surprise.

So that I can identify you just leave a comment after you have completed the poll and I will pick 2 names from random on 20th May.  This is my first give-away so I am quite excited.  My first poll too, so make this extra excited! 

I do hope you will take part as I'd love to hear your thoughts, whether you sew, scrapbook, journal, or create in other ways . And perhaps you have other ideas how these stamps can be used... please share !!

I have included this post in What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday. If you want to find out what other people are creating visit Julie's site here.  It's great to see other people's work space and mess organisation, it makes me feel so normal!


  1. What a truly fab find - I love it and would definitely want to use/beg/win some tags and squares! Maybe plain on white, cream or Kraft so that you can add your own colours.
    Thanks for sharing today,

    Sarah at 5

  2. Thanks Helena! It was there... must of deleted it by mistake. I'll add it again.

  3. I voted love things like this what a find!

    Love Dawn xx

  4. Love your find! I took your survey. Hope it's helpful to you. :)

  5. I love buying kits, but i also enjoy mixing things up with embellishments I make and find. Embossed tags on a layout would be lovely!

  6. lol, a doorstop!glad you are using it for what it is intended for. thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long left until the 2nd anniversary, have you done your PIF? #2

  7. What an incredible find! I prob would not have known what that was either- I was guessing a stapler. Love tags and embossed things. Congrats on your giveaway!

  8. Nice find - there are still a few companies that make the dies for these old presses too - but I guess you've sussed that already!

  9. I was sure I had commented on here earlier today I love the emboss thingy and please include me in your lovely give a way D xx

  10. Hi Kirsty,

    Thanks for the comment you left. Re Journalling, I loved the classes and I am doing work shop3 at the moment I know you will have fun and I look forward to you visiting again to share what you have been doing I'm so excited for you ;0) Dxx

  11. What a very cool find. I wouldn't have known what to do with it either. Thank you for helping me learn something new today!

  12. thanks for sharing your desk with us ;O0

  13. This is such a cool find, loved the poll, what a great idea! Shaz #106

  14. Wow! what an incredible find! Love dry embossed images - vintage finds are the best! Elaine#16

  15. Neat find indeed, I am totally jealous!!
    Nice to see you again today xx

  16. May be vintage, but a crisp image! Good old Whitstable! Looking forward to seeing the haberdashery cards Sandie.

  17. what a great find...i have my mother's and also mine!!!! love to creat with them!!!

  18. What a wonderful find - and perfect that your hubby recognized it as a treasure. I just popped over from BBFS and would love to win a set of tags. These would make great embellishments on cards & layouts. I enjoy finding vintage items to use in my layouts - recently I found an old hymnal that was falling apart and am using the pages on layouts.


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