Thursday, 24 June 2010

In addition to my last blog...

This is the cocoon I was telling you about in my last blog. I was unable
to add the photo without affecting the lay out but I will get there with
patience & practice!!


  1. I love the cocoon, it looks so snug. I saw this pattern and thought you might be interested x

  2. This cocoon looks so cute! I love the color too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  3. Great to see you blogging Sandie! Keep up the excellent work! Lots of love from your cuz - Steve

  4. Steve, mention you in his blog and I like what I see. Love your background too!

    my blog is here

  5. I'm so glad I found you ;-) I totally understand and was attracted because there are not so many "scrapbookers" among us flying gals. I love that you started a blog and I began a while back but felt no one saw it so why bother, this class has changed my life! I too do mini books, cards but my addiction ran rampant (also tried soldering, collage, painting) and I just finished my first BIG project for a co-worker. 40 page First Baby First Year scrapbook. Good thing she was a better photographer than I. I went from a Canon non-digital (which I never learned to use) to a Canon Powershot digital (no SLR) and do the best I can so I admire your ability. I was so hoping we were neighbors but alas no such luck. I want to stay in touch so I've selected "follow" on your blog. I'm changing my Biz name and working on a website - in the meantime I set up a Fan page on Facebook (if you visit please click "like" at the top) and went back to my blog to redo it. I'll be back soon.

  6. Thank you Linda! I know what you mean about Taking Flight changing your life... I feel like I have fallen down a hole like Alice in Wonderfland and found magical doors that take me into places I never imagined even existed... such as blogging!
    I am so glad you got in touch. I recently realised how important it is to be linked with like minded people. So glad that you share my addiction in mini albums, cards & photography. Look forward to seeing your blog when you are up & running again, and to seeing more of your work. I looked at your facebook photos, and clicked 'like'. Please keep dropping in!!


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