Thursday, 24 June 2010

Project 365

Thank you!!

It was so nice to receive your encouragement and supportive comments after my first blog. I was so excited to learn that there are other people willing to share Project 365 with me and this spurred me on to finally
uploading 8 weeks worth of photos on to my Flickr photostream. Never again will I let it go so long!!
Until yesterday my photos have not been public, and I now realise this shuts me off from sharing and being part of a wider community of like minded people. Also, I didn't think my project buddy was looking at updates since she had to withdraw from 365. Therefore I had no urgency to post my photos. So, it is all back on track and like me, evolving and 'work in progress'. I am trying to work out how to add a direct link on my blog page but haven't time to experiment right now. Meanwhile, I hope you will take time to check out my albums : enter 'arty-san' into people search.
Incidently, the photo is my latest Project 365, taken yesterday on a day out with my granddaughter, Ivy. The piglets looked so restful in the sun.
It was a day for me to unwind too. Life is far too short not to have fun with a three year old!!

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