Thursday, 24 June 2010

Busy creating....

I have been asked to post photos...
it is lovely to know that people are interested in what I do. Thank you.
This is very trial and error but I am making my first attempts today. I can't work out how to post 2 photos without it affecting the layout and do not have time to experiment further and hope I can become more creative over time. Meanwhile I am adding the second photo as another blog. Please bare with me!
I recently joined a new group which is really exciting. There is a huge amount of talent and experience among the members and a wide range of interests. This is perfect for me - I am eceletic and do not like to restrict myself to any creative from. I have posted a photo taken at the last crop day and this shows the start of a mini album I am making for both my granddaughters, about the day they were born. This week they went to watch the scan of their new baby brother/sister and I like the idea of sharing their own unique passage into this life.
The same photo shows knitting in progress. Emma used Google images to introduce me to 'cocoons' when she announced this pregnancy. She asked me to knit one but we couldn't find a pattern we liked, so I ended up making up the pattern as I went along and writing it down incase I want to make another! It is made from chunky pure wool and is incredibly soft and stretchy. I finished it the other day and will include a photo as another blog. We will personalize the cocoon, if the mood takes us, once we know whether the baby is a boy or girl. Meanwhile it is added to the soakers and boots I have knitted. I went overboard buying wool when I was in Devon at Easter, so need to keep up the momentum! The trouble is, since I have joined the new crop group and Taking Flight e-course, there is little time for anything else!! Look forward to catching up again soon.


  1. Oh Sandie, its wonderful to see your work in progress and im loving your work space photo is very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!


  2. Hi Sandie, I am delighted to drop by and "meet you" so to speak and see you work! I'm loving the cocoon you have made...what a fantastic idea..wish I had come across one for my nurturing and cosy!
    Since you so kindly and graciously became my first follower there has been an fair bit of amazement (and alot of giggling!) in my household today, that this whole thing works and that someone would stumble upon my wee blog!! Thankyou sooo much...for the kind words and the support.Can't tell you how wonderful it feels! Its great to know there are other newbies on the blogging scene and I too look forward to sharing your journey and creations.
    Big hugs!

  3. Thank you, Jacqueline & Jenny!
    Before Taking Flight if anyone had told me I'd have a blog I would have had the biggest belly laugh! I am meeting such wonderful people, and being able to share my creations with such talented people is amazing. So much has happened since starting the course I feel dizzy with excitement.
    It's a pleasure to be your first follower Jenny... I feel like a new girl at school and it is so good to meet other people who are joining me in this adventure! It will be wonderful to see each others blogs grow and develop.

  4. Hi Sandie
    loving your blog. I post pictures from 'Picasa' a free photo management system from google and it makes it super easy to post 4 at a time. If I want more, I post via another blog at all very confusing. I'm sure other people have found simpler ways!

  5. Hi Moira, You might want to look at Flickr as a place to share photos. It's free unless you want to post a lot of photos regularly and it is easy to use as well as giving access to other people who share the same interest. I have sent you an invite to my photostream so I hope you can take a look when you have time.
    Meanwhile I will enjoy looking at yours at Posterous....


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