Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Yesterday I was in London. The sun was shining and I was at a training, stuck inside. So when I had ten minutes to spare after lunch, I decided to make the most of the opportunity.


I have always been inspired by Gavin Hoey's photography and his tutorial videos. So, following his idea of 'one camera, one location, 15 minutes to bag the best photos possible', I decided to take up the challenge. Here is a taster of some of my photos, the rest are on my Flickr 

I shall certainly be taking up this challenge again. It was great fun and I took photos I wouldn't normally think of taking. The time is manageable and it will be interesting to see what other opportunities present themselves in future.
I'd love to see your photos if you decide to take up a 10 or 15 minute photo challenge. Let me know where I can see them please!

Meanwhile if you want to check out  more of Gavin's photos you can also look on Flickr.


  1. Hi Sandie, Thanks for visiting my blog! I used to think that you had to go to really spectacular places to get great photos and while I still love doing that (leaving for Idaho on Sunday), I'm convinced that great photos are all around us if we open our eyes. Love the ones you captured!

  2. Hi Sandie, thanks for visiting my blog. I was interested to read about Gavin Hoey's idea, especially when I had done something similar. You have captured some interesting photos of the part of London you were in.

    I will stop by again so see more!


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