Wednesday, 1 July 2015


In January I introduced two trees that grow locally and spoke about how I am following them during the year. If you read my previous post you will know that I am behind schedule and making attempt to catch up. Photos were taken even if not posted and so here is May! 

The trees each side are already heavy in leaf, shading out the Plane and making it struggle for space.  But the buds have started to open and there is finally a show of green.

There are no violets in flower this month. The ones on the grass have been mowed, and those in the base of the trunk are taking a rest.
I wonder if there is a resident wood pecker?  

The ivy is growing up the trunk, gaining its foothold. It has been cut round the other side.  I wonder if the landowner will do the same here one day...

The trunk is also home to resident spiders. 

THE OAK.....

I was so happy to see the tree's new growth.  This oak spreads its leaves ground level as well as well as at the top.  

And still it holds on to those last-years leaves! 
I notice the growth of the field crop too.
I have never noticed that oak trees flower, these tiny clusters festooned the branches making it look decorated. Take a look:  

Another month passes... and it is good I am finally catching up! 


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