Wednesday, 1 July 2015


This weekend I persuaded my sister to come away in the camper overnight.  She is a more home-comfort girl and has always said it wouldn't be her thing.  But she came and survived the night. I think she would come again but the test will be when I next invite her. I hope she does... 

We went to one of our local islands and I didn't waste time in getting her into a boat for a short trip out onto the water.  This photo shows the Packing Shed, it is on its own small island and was once used by local fisherman for packing oysters. This area is renowned for oysters and I am planning a visit to the Packing Shed soon. On special open days they do cream teas, it is in my diary!

Then we walked along the shore where there is a miss-match of
houseboats. This one has been extended both sides, I'd love to be nosey and go aboard to see what they are like inside!

Back at the campsite we walked along the beach. Fossils have been found along this stretch, including hippos and other large relics. Sadly no finds for us, but lots of lovely oyster shells which are like pearl inside. 


There is a lovely fen area that borders the beach where you see heron and egrets.  It is very peaceful and quiet. The perfect get away. 

A few weeks back we spent another weekend on this island. They have a number of resident artists and they had open studios. It was wonderful and I felt completely inspired and exhilarated going from house to house.

But that is a post in itself and one I plan to do soon. 

And like all good things, everything comes to an end.  As we drove home I stopped at a local river to show my sister another of my favourite places.  You may have seen my photos of this spot before with its resident swans.  

Only this time when I zoomed in, I spotted a black swan amongst them.  I've not seen this one before and wonder if it is visiting or here to stay.  Black swans originate from Australia and it seemed coincidence that my friend Melanie is currently here too on a visit from her now Australia homeland. 

Joining in with Helena's  'Pairs' and liking the fact that Helena has resident swans near where she lives too.  Do pop over and see what others have shared this week, there are often wonderful surprises and ideas.  Thanks for looking in....


  1. Love the photos. Makes me want to visit. I'll have to put it on our list

    1. It ever you come this way Bernice make sure you let me know!! We have some lovely places I could introduce you to and sadly Essex has such a wrong imagine. But perhaps I should be grateful as it means the best places remain a secret!

  2. sounds a fabulous weekend with your sister in a lovely spot. Unexpected to see a black swan here - I wonder if it escaped from captivity (or one of its ancestors did)

  3. Gorgeously evocative photos. I have a real sense of what it's like a place from these

  4. Sounds like a really relaxing,peaceful weekend.

  5. Your photos are just lovely ... exuding tranquility. Those open studios sound wonderful too. I can't see how your sister could fail to enjoy it :).


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