Wednesday, 1 July 2015


In January I introduced two trees that grow locally and spoke about how I am following them during the year. I can't believe that it is now 1st July and I last posted in March!  This is not because I lost interest in the project, but my trip to the Shetland Islands meant I have got behind and since my return another commitment has taken my time. But here I am finally, in an attempt to catch up.....  

April bought half term and two of my grand daughters came to stay.  I loved showing them my trees and telling them about my project.
You can still see the violets growing in the grass around the base of the tree, I'm wondering how far up the trunk the ivy will reach this year.

The violets are still around the base too.... they are such hardy little plants.

And they looked specially beautiful in the dew-covered grass.

This seed pod looked like a tiny hedgehog curled up.

It was good to see  buds finally appearing.

THE OAK.....

This tree still hangs on to last years leaves, but there is sign of new growth in the field.

But not to be outdone, the oak has buds too.  It continues to hold its own....

And while I admire the stature and position of the London Plane, this oak holds a special place in my heart.  My granddaughters decided it was their favourite too because it was great for climbing!


It was lovely to see the healthy buds.  I wonder what next month will bring?  

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