Tuesday, 14 July 2015


It's time to share this months photos and the change is much more noticeable this time of year.  First,


The ivy continues to wind it's way up the trunk, though there's not much growth from last month.

You can see where the ivy was cut down in the past.  I wonder if it will be there next month?

The difference in bark is something that attracted me to this tree.... 

Round the other side of the trunk the violets are resting after several months of flowering.  I thought I would find out more about these and I was surprised to learn that wild violets are often considered a weed and pest.  It seems they are prevalent throughout parts of Canada and US, and also grow in Australia and Europe. 

And while I welcome their purple flowers, some people find them troublesome when they grow in their lawns and they go to great lengths to eradicate them.  Perhaps they might look at them more kindly if they knew that the flowers and leaves are
edible and that you can use the flowers to make jellies. They would look pretty in salads and frozen in ice cubes.

Note the ivy is starting to grow up the trunk here too....

Overhead the leaves are a lovely shade of green and there is lots of lichen on this side of the branches.

This tree stands further down the road and this month a cranesbill joined it for company.  I have never looked at a wild flower and thought of it as a weed, but rather, appreciated them for their beauty and what they have to offer.  Many make natural dyes or have other uses. In the case of the cranesbill, it apparently has medicinal qualities. I do not suggest you go ahead and try these remedies without seeking advice but it is sad that we have lost touch with what nature has to offer, and instead look on these plants as a nuisance or something to be got rid of.  And yet many people happily give space in their gardens to violets, pansies and geraniums. Pooh has the right idea:

"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them"  -  A.A. Milne

Back in May the oak had it's own flowers which grow like catkins. 
Now there  are acorns growing.
The dead leaves still hold on and there is no sign of them coming off. Meanwhile the crop in the field is growing taller,

And new leaves continue to develop. I have never noticed before how they grow around a central point.
And nor have I noticed how these branches frame the view....
There is something different to see each month.... 
This post is part of a photography project inspired by Loose and Leafy.  If you missed earlier posts and would like to learn more please start here.   Thank you for popping by and I'd love to hear about any ways that you enjoy or use wild flowers.


  1. nice

    new post: http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/07/znu-wishlist.html

  2. The framed view is wonderful! Interesting how this oak keeps its dead leaves so long. That's also true for the wild oaks I know (western USA).

  3. I am enjoying seeing and hearing your enthusiasm and the acuteness of your attention to these lovely wild beings :).


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