Tuesday, 14 July 2015


On this day, one year ago, I officially gave up full time employment and a professional role.  I still wake each morning counting my blessings and the year has fulfilled my dreams and more.  Yes, there are things I miss....  some of the people I worked with, the satisfaction and sense of achievement when things went well. Even the adrenalin rushes.  Because sometimes it was like being a drug addict without the drugs and the highs could be incredible. But the flip side was the pressure and intensity of the work. It could be stressful and the daily commute was a drudge. The down side is something I do not miss. Not at all.

Looking back to my post, one year ago, I could not have foreseen what lay ahead, and if I had I would have been truly excited. Probably even more than I already was!  I continue to run regular  book making workshops, which I love, and set up a fb page. And I became a member of a Design Team over at That Craft Place. There have been so many adventures and exciting happenings, too many to mention. So a huge, huge thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey.... believed in me... encouraged me.... and supported me.  Life after work has been everything I hoped it would be and so much more.

But one thing that has gone adrift is time visiting blogs... not because I have more important things to do (certainly not!) but recently I have been occupied by other things.  Things that put perspective on life, such as the sudden loss of a friend.  She was a great crafter and had a huge amount of materials.  I offered to help her family as I knew that others continuing to enjoy these things would make my friend happy as well as ease some of the worry for her family about what to do with it all. I am slowly recovering space and time and it has eased my own sense of loss, knowing that I have done the best I can in an awful situation.  And it has made me realise how much 'stuff' I have too, but I am not thinking about what will happen to mine one day.  No.  Life is for living fully and if you are thinking about big decisions and your dreams listen to your intuition and take calculated risks. I'm glad that I did. 
And I will be catching up on blog visits very soon! 


  1. A very poignant post, so sorry for the sudden loss of a friend, but glad you were able to help in some way and that it's given you an additional sense of what we have with life each and every day. Hugs

  2. perfect image for your post and some thought provoking ideas there - thanks and so good to hear you are enjoying your new life so much

  3. It's good to read that a year on has found you happy with the decision you made. I'm considering this sort of major change myself but am currently trying to think through all the possibilities before I take that last step - maybe in a couple of years.

  4. I'm so glad that your difficult decision to 'retire' from work has fulfilled your hopes and dreams for a better life. I'm sure Jackie's parents appreciate the help you have given them with all of her stash. xx

  5. Oh, was going to add that it's good to hear you are having success with re-homing Jackie's crafting materials.
    As for your own stash - the main thing is that you enjoy using it!

  6. I'm sorry to read of your sadness and the loss of your friend, Sandie ... and touched by your kindness in your support for the family. I have to say I have been 'tidying up/out' here, and feel very mindful of what I might leave behind - both ways of looking at it have value, it would seem :).


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