Sunday, 12 July 2015


My friend Melanie is visiting from Australia and on Friday we went to London for the day with her husband and brother.  We drove up and parked at the Millennium Dome which was a good decision as we could walk along the embankment and enjoy the Thames. We made our way to Greenwich where we went on the Cutty Sark and walked up to the park because Melanie was keen to stand on the meridian line. 

In fact we did this on two occasions, once along the embankment.... 

 and again in the park.....

While at Greenwich we also visited the Old Royal Naval College and went inside the Painted Hall. 
It was hard not to look up at the amazing ceiling....

or down to the end of the hall.... 

One of the attendants told us the history of the paintings and the Naval College.  So outside we went to find the engraved stone, and take another look down... 

and then up....

Then it was time to walk through  the tunnel that goes from Greenwich under the Thames..   

and after a ride on the Docklands Light Railway we crossed the Thames again..  this time over

The view from the Emirates Sky Ride was amazing...  we could trace our walk and see the Cutty Sark in the distance.  And then it was touch down back at the Millennium, and time to find the car for the drive home.

In all we crossed the Thames five times:
1.  OVER - Woolwich ferry
2.  UNDER - Foot funnel from Greenwich
3.  OVER - by DLR
4.  OVER - by Sky Ride
5.  UNDER - Dartford Tunnel

Thank you to Helena for giving me a chance to share these photo pairs and there are more to be seen at Helena's blog. Do pop over and take a look!  Thanks for popping by....


  1. I've booked a trip to Greenwich during the summer and will be going on the sky ride. Great minds think alike!

  2. We went to Greenwich earlier tis year. Planning to go back to do the Maritime museum while the special children's event is on. It looks like you had a great day.

  3. What a great day out and all those Pairs! Lovely pictures Sandie.

  4. Oh I enjoyed these snapshots - wish I were there.

  5. What a brilliant day out and a well thought out series of pairs. This is somewhere I really want to go too.

  6. Lovely day out Sandie and great photos. I always enjoy a trip to London, there's always so much to see and do. Have yet to go on the Emirates cable car though. Px

  7. great selection of pairs and a fun trip around Greenwich

  8. beautifully captured Big Day Out! M xx

  9. Such a great set of photos, from an interesting - and fun - day out.
    We visited Greenwich during our London weekend away (it was a few years ago now, but only seems like last week!); however, we didn't do most of the things in your photos - so I think I'd like to go back again soon!
    It looks like a really enjoyable day out.


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