Sunday, 30 June 2013


Thank you for the lovely comments left on my Blogiversary post.  I said I would pick a name on Saturday 29th and that day came and went. I have good reason and I will come to that in just a minute. But first I have a winner to pick for the Giveaway!  I have written the names and folded each paper....

JennieSian, Beverley, Debs, Alexa, Scrappy Jacky, Maria, Furrypig,
Fay aka Beautifullily and Jo

Shuffled the names well.... 

               Shake,  shake....
                            Drum roll please......

And the winner is:

Please drop me an email Maria (Rinda) with your address so that I can post the notebook to you. Thank you.

And the reason I am a day late in announcing the winner?  Well, I was unexpectedly away!! 

I spent a wonderful day yesterday with friends visiting from Australia. Melanie and I went craft shopping during the day and caught up with lots of chat, and then in the evening we all went out for a meal. Sadly we won't be able to do this again soon as Steve and Melanie fly home this week but they plan to return in 2015. Yay!
This photo will count towards my Summer Scavenger Hunt as it is a local pub. I must post others on my list that I have taken soon....

After we had said our goodbyes I decided there was still time for me to drive over and join Cheryl Johnson's Photography Bootcamp.  My friend Pauline was booked to go for the weekend but was then unable to attend both days. So she thoughtfully invited me to take her place on Sunday. I didn't know anyone but thought that having a drink in the bar before bed time and joining the group for breakfast would give me a chance to meet other members and to catch up on the days events and plans.  And what a wonderful time I had! I was made very welcome, thank you everyone, and especially to Pauline for making it possible. 

I have taken part in a couple of Cheryl's online courses in the past and for this course I was the only one with a bridge camera. I did not let this daunt me and I knew there would be lots for me to learn.  We had two children acting as models, which was a new experience for me and something that I really enjoyed.  The children did not seem daunted by the numbers of cameras pointed, and they were beautifully co-operative and appeared to enjoy the playful atmosphere that Cheryl created.


The sun shone throughout and after lunch we practiced in pairs, experimenting with reflectors and different poses which was very helpful as I am always self conscious and never know what to do with my arms and legs! I'd recommend Cheryl Johnson's Bootcamp. She runs it once a year with her friend Lesley, and has other online courses available.   
So that's me for this Sunday evening. 
Another week starts and I will be back soon with an invitation.   



  1. Oh my gosh! I would love to take an in person class with CJ. I've loved her online classes. What a nice pub shot.
    p.s. Thanks for choosing me! I'll email you with my mailing address.

  2. A lovely celebratory post. Cheryl's class looks wonderful..if only I lived a bit closer I would jump at the chance to do something like this.

  3. ps.I hit enter before saying how nice those photos you took are!


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