Monday, 1 August 2011


Do you have routines or rituals that structure your day to day or your week?  Some people like routines, infact some live their life by knowing what they will do from one minute to the next. 
I like change and variation in my life.  So my shift work pattern suits me, and one week is never the same as the next.  Last week, Shimelle suggested that we observe what we do day to day and find ways of recording this.  I like to make more of the mundane and will do things to vary any routine, and so I often take things to work to do during my break, usually something creative .  On one occasion I was in London with time before my training resumed.  So I took my camera outside and took as many photos as I could in 10 minutes.  I went back to the training buzzing with excitement!  I was really pleased with the photos I took and the change in activity and pace gave me renewed energy for the rest of the day.  You can see some of the photos here and it is certainly an idea I will repeat again and again.  

This weekend I planned to continue painting my new workroom.   But then my daughter invited us to up Suffolk, where she is on holiday.  And so my plans immediately changed & Saturday morning we headed off. I recorded the day in photographs (many of them!) and here is just a quick snapshot:


And then our plans changed again.  Because it was suggested we stay over night as we were tired after our busy fun day and the sea air.  We were completely unprepared, had no change of clothes and we had to improvise with bedding, but what the heck!!  Life is about grabbing opportunities and making the most of every given situation, and so this weekend took yet another turn of direction and my paint brushes still remain untouched!

A change of pace or routine usually gives me a lift  and just like after the 10 minute photo shoot, I am feeling renewed with energy and ready to face another week.   I hope yours will be filled with good surprises and some fun, and to kick off you are invited to join in with some celebrations......

It's time for some BLOG HOP fun!!  

Congratulations to Jemma, whose blog is one year old today, and to celebrate she has organised a number themed blog hop.  If you have come to me from Jemma, then play a long.  Otherwise you may want to visit Jemma at just-jimjams, and then come back here.

So, ready to play along?  Here's what you do:
Collect a number from each of Jimjams' Blogiversary friends, put them in numerical order and then e-mail Jemma with the number which is missing from the sequence.

Here is my number.  I thought I'd have some fun so can you work it out from these clues?

a.   I am a prime number
b.   I have two digits
c.   Add these together and I am twice as many
d.   I am the first repeating number
e.   I appear four times this year as unique dates
f.    I am the number of years that a sun spot cycle repeats
g.   and the number of players in many popular team games
h.   Apollo ??  made the first lunar landing
i.    I am the record number of Oscars for one movie

What number am I?

Make a note, then head over to Furrypig for the next number clue. 

Good luck!!  I'm looking forward to playing along.


  1. What a great series of photos.

  2. Loved your photos - and that you made us work for our number!

  3. LOL - you like to make people "work" don't you Sandie - love it!
    Love the idea of lunchtime activities too - certainly perks you up for the afternoon!
    Thanks for helping me with with my celebrations!

  4. It's great to be spontaneous and looks like you had a lot of fun as a result:)

  5. Oh Sandie, I'm rubbish at numbers! But I'll get there..

  6. great pictures and your clues got my brain working! thanks

  7. great clues! We have already had a good discussion trying to guess but think we have worked it out thanks xxx

  8. What gorgeous photos- baby has the most gorgeous eyelashes ever!

  9. Brilliant photos! So spontaneous and really capture the changing nature of your weekend. Thanks for the number: I THINK I've got it!

  10. Lovely post for Jemma's blog hop! And wonderful clues for your number.

    It looks like your spontaneous trip was enjoyable.

    I laughed when I started reading your post because I have some photos for my next layout on the craft table - all about my weekly routine. I thrive on routine, but I agree that a little change of pace often re-energizes me!


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