Saturday, 7 May 2011

Surprise and surprise again !!

If you read my last post you may recall that I had an unexpected surprise.

I was in Devon for my birthday this year so I knew family celebrations would be to follow. Imagine my excitement and joy when the door bell rang and this is what I saw:

And I LOVED the handmade card my daughter gave me.  She had knitted this beautiful bluebell and I confess it bought a tear to my eye! 

After opening my present (a much wanted hedgehog house) we set off in two cars. I knew I was going away as I'd been asked to arrange time off work, but I did not know my whole family were coming too!  Yay!!

On the way we stopped at a service station.  What great timing.... and totally unplanned.   We were just in time to see Kate Middleton drive to Westminster Abbey and the start of the Royal Wedding.  There was a wonderful apmosphere with a crowd round the TV, and my grand daughters were dressed for the occasion in red, white and blue.

We lingered for a while, then on again until we finally reached 'Hideaway' a holiday home where we would spend the next three days.  The location and house was perfect!  There was a sea view, and a pub across the road where we had a wonderful meal.  The sun shone, and over the next couple of days we relaxed, walked along the beach and explored Whitstable.

          Summer liked the looked of my strawberry in champage so I made her a non-alcoholic version.

I had set up my recorder at home as I did not want to miss the Royal Wedding.  If I had been home I would have done something special to mark the occasion.  But as it was we saw people celebrating on the beach, in their gardens, and at a street party.  And we had our own special celebration with birthday cake, candles, sunshine, and champagne.

And did I have a good time?  You bet I did!!

I learned that my son had booked 'Hideaway' after hours and hours of trawling the internet and much nail biting. It seemed all suitable holiday lets were booked but he found a real gem!  And my weekend was extra special having my family all there.

One last thing, I found a wonderful craft shop where I bought lots of new stamps and.... came across a Vintage Sale.  That's two last things actually, but double the excitement especially as the sale had some wonderful stalls and photo opportunities!  And what's more, my lovely husband found something very special for me which I could not resist.  But you'll have to wait until next time to find out what it is!

I have been blog visiting and seen some other lovely Royal Wedding celebrations.  I hope you are continuing to enjoy this wonderful weather, I hear it is here to last for a bit longer, so yippee and yippee again I say!!


  1. Sandi, your granddaughters are gorgeous! Glad you had a lovely birthday, what a lovely surprise. Hopefully see you next weekend x

  2. Sounds fabulous, and I love your photos.

  3. How lucky you were to have had such a lovely surprise and have your whole family with you. The little ones are so gorgeous....I'm not able to post pictures of mine sadly! Your pictures are great so looking forward to seeing the scrapbook sometime...and hearing about what your husband found. Best wishes, moira x

  4. oh what a beautiful birthday gift to have land on your doorstep :) And what a wonderful time it looks like was had. You certainly can't beat happy days with family..especially if there are 3 joy filled mischief makers to share it with and some champagne and strawberry's! :) Love the bluebell card too xx Enjoy those sunny days XX

  5. What a fabulous birthday surprise! I love that picture of your family on your doorstep, everyone looks so happy to see each other


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